Mother, 34, who ‘used her £80,000 Range Rover to nudge an Insulate Britain protester’ while on the school run denies dangerous driving and assault

  • Sherrilyn Spid, aged 34, faces charges of dangerous driving, and assault.
  • Speid refutes both of these allegations. They are based on an incident that occurred during a protest
  • Video: Speid is seen using 4×4 in an attempt to “nudge” a Insulate Britain protester

A school run mum who allegedly used her 4×4 to ‘nudge’ an Insulate Britain protester has today appeared in court to deny assault.

Sherrilyn Speid, 34, appeared before magistrates in Basildon, Essex, this afternoon after the drama was captured on camera near to the M25 in October.

Speid was filmed as she drove her £80,000 Range Rover into an Insulate Britain activist near to junction 31 of the motorway near Thurrock.

Video of Speid driving her car into two protesters was captured by an additional person.

This afternoon, the mother-of-one was present in courtroom for a brief hearing.

Her charges include dangerous driving, and second-degree assault against activist Bethany Mogie. Today she was named in court as the victim.

Sherrilyn Speid, 34, is accused of dangerous driving and one count of assault

Sherrilyn Spid, aged 34, faces charges of dangerous driving, and assault.

Video shows Speid allegedly using 4x4 to ‘nudge’ an Insulate Britain protester in October

Video: Speid is seen using 4×4 to ‘nudge a Insulate Britain protester’ in October

Speid denies both allegations, which centres on an incident during a protest last year

Speid disputes both of these allegations. They are based on an incident last year during a protest

Speid, who was all dressed in black, stood on the dock to confirm her identity and address.

She replied ‘not guilty’ to each charge during the 10-minute hearing.

Rima Begum, the prosecutor, stated to the court that the incident was recorded in just two minutes.

“The Crown” argues that she crashed her car into protestors on October 13, 2013.

The mum-of-one appeared in a Basildon court room for a short hearing this afternoon

This afternoon, the mum-of-1 appeared at a Basildon courtroom for a brief hearing

Speid said ‘not guilty’ as each of the two charges was put to her during the 10-minute hearing

Speid pleaded not guilty to each charge during her 10-minute hearing

The court was told that the incident was captured in two minutes of video footage last year

According to the court, this incident was recorded in just two minutes on video last year.

It was recorded on video. “The defendant is someone of good character.”

Speid of Grays in Essex was not allowed to give any further evidence and was informed that her trial would be at the same court.

Prior to the next hearing in March, she was granted unconditional bail.

Speid was joined by a friend to court today and posed for photographers waiting outside as she exited the building.

She said that she thought it was disgusting that the police were preventing working-class people from going to work, as well as their children getting to school. Now they want to charge a single mother.

I could lose everything. A criminal conviction will prevent me from working with children. That’s not right. My goal was simply to get my son to school, then go to work.

The middle-class protesters of Insulate Britain are called “These Insulate Britain” They tell us they care about our country and that they love people. So why would they allow a single mom to lose her driving licence or her job?

“There is nobody to support the working classes people working hard and trying to earn an honest living.”