CCTV has captured the moment when a shopkeeper battled off an electric-drilling knife-wielding robber.

Kevin Kanthan, a cordless tool user, was fitting a gate at his Weymouth, Dorset shop when William Thorne stormed the scene wielding an electric kitchen knife.

Thorne grabbed a glass of tequila and hurled it at the plastic screen on the counter. He then forced his way past the till. A drunken robber punched Mr Kanthan in the face and demanded that he give him money.

Kanthan, father-of-two, fought back. He repeatedly hit his victim with the drill before running out of the shop.

Later, Dorset Police commended Mr Kanthan for his “immense courage”. 

Kevin Kanthan at his store in Weymouth, Dorset, where he fought off a knife-wielding robber with a power drill

Kevin Kanthan in his Weymouth store, Dorset. He fought off an armed robber using a power drill to defeat him.

Kevin Kanthan had been using the cordless power tool to fit a gate to his counter when William Thorne stormed in wielding a kitchen knife

Kevin Kanthan was using his cordless powertool to attach a gate to the counter. William Thorne stormed in with a kitchen knife

Thorne, 24, of Frome, Somerset, pleaded guilty to attempted robbery, criminal damage and possession of a knife in a public place and was jailed for four years and three months

Thorne (24), from Frome in Somerset pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four years and three month imprisonment.

Broadwey Village Stores owner Mr Kanthan and his wife Nisha said that the drill saved their lives.

The man said, “The man entered and threw a bottle at me. He then got behind the counter. He pinned me down into the corner and shouted “get the f***ing money out now.”

He punched me in my face and said that I did not have money. He punched me in the face and I had to punch him below. After he dropped the knife, I pulled him away from the counter by twisting his wrist.

“I was armed with the drill, and I used it to punch him. He suffered severe injuries and fled the shop. The police arrested him shortly after.

“It was fortunate that I had it because he would’ve killed me. He was big so I needed to use something.

Thorne (24 years old), from Frome in Somerset appeared before Southampton Court. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to four and three months imprisonment.

William Thorne (pictured) was caught on CCTV entering the shop owned by Mr Kanthan while wielding a kitchen knife

William Thorne was seen on CCTV entering the Mr Kanthan shop, while holding a kitchen knife.

Paul Fairley, the prosecutor, stated to the court that Thorne took the knife from the house of a friend where he was staying at the moment.

He stated that Thorne had told him to go over the details and said that he was at his friend’s house for drinks.

“In the morning she stated that he was fine, but quite aggressive. She asked him for alcohol. They went to look for him, but he was already in the Kanthan shop.

The resident claimed that Thorne dropped the knife during Kanthan’s struggle. The resident was able to identify the knife, and confirm that it was not in her drawer.

Mary Aspinall Miles (mitigating) described Thorne’s actions as “out of character” and said: “He is horrified that that has happened as he can only wonder if his parents did it.” It is true remorse.

After the incident, Mr Kanthan spent thousands on security upgrades in his shop. He also hired more employees so that his wife does not have to do all of it alone.

Thorne leapt over the counter and punched Mr Kanthan, who said, 'I had to kick him in a bad place below.'

Thorne jumped over the counter, punched Mr Kanthan and said that he had to kick him below. 

He said, “We are all struggling everyday – I have done nothing wrong, but I feel bad for him.” I will make sure he goes to prison.

Thorne received also a restraining notice not to enter Broadwey Village Stores over the next five years.

Claire Lloyd (detective constable), of Weymouth CID stated that it was distressing for the victim as he was only doing his job. However, he displayed tremendous bravery and quick responses in these circumstances.

Customers were present at the shop when the crime occurred and must have found it frightening to watch this unwarranted violence.

“Thanks to Thorne’s quick response and the CCTV installed in his shop, we were in a position to bring him before the court in a very short time to face the consequences for his actions.”