Moment stun Asda Shopper, 22 years old, says she was confronted by a male worker and asked to leave. He told her that she had been late in the night wearing a hoodie, croptop, and jogging shorts.

  • Jaiah is a student at 22 years old who visited a store on Isle of Dogs in London.
  • The video shows an employee telling the woman, “we can almost see your body.”
  • Furious customer posted online video of the incident, calling it disgusting. 

According to a woman, Asda employees tried to get her kicked out of the supermarket for being ‘basically naked’. 

Jaiah was a student at 22 years old and was shopping in the Isle of Dogs store, east London on Tuesday. She was approached by an employee. 

He can be seen telling her in a video that he could see almost all of her body and that the manager was coming soon. 

The woman was wearing a hoodie with a crop top and jogging shorts at that time. 

The shopper, a 22-year-old student named Jaiah, was at the store on the Isle of Dogs, east London, on Tuesday when she was approached by an employee

Jaiah shows the camera what she is wearing

Jaiah is a student at 22 years old. She was shopping in the Isle of Dogs store, east London on Tuesday, when an employee approached her (left). To the left, she shows what her clothes are to the camera 

Jaiah uploaded video of the incident to social media and called it “the most disgusting behavior.”

On the video, you can hear her claiming the employee suggested she didn’t respect herself.  

His reply can be heard as he says, “It is not that you don’t respect yourselves. ASDA has a policy.”

The incident was shared by her on Twitter. She captioned it: “So tonight, ASDA, Isle of Dogs. I was told that I wasn’t wearing enough clothes. I wasn’t respecting my self. That I’m basically naked. I shouldn’t be there.

Jaiah posted video footage of the shocking incident on social media, calling it 'the most disgusting behaviour'

Jaiah uploaded video footage from the incident to social media and called it “the most disgusting behavior”

“Honestly, the most disgusting behavior.”

Asda replied on Twitter: “Hi Jaiah! Thanks for your concern.

Asda does not recognize this policy and is very sorry about the poor service that was provided.

“I have spoken with the manager of this store and would love to talk to you about how I can make it right.”

A spokesman told MailOnline: ”As soon as we were made aware of this incident we launched an investigation within the store. 

“We are in touch with Jaiah, to inform them that this is not their policy and to apologize for any negative experiences they may have had. 

In a video he can be heard telling her 'we can see your body almost, the manager is coming right now'

On a recording, he is heard saying to her “we can see your bodies almost. The manager will be coming right now.”