A video has resurfaced showing rapper Travis Scott inciting a crowd to ‘f**k up’ a fan who attempted to take his Yeezy trainers while he crowd surfed in Switzerland.

The incident, widely reported at the time, occurred at the OpenAir Festival in St. Gallen, Switzerland in 2015 with video from the stage showing Scott’s outburst.

Scott, born Jacques Bermon Webster II, is facing criticism over his interactions with crowds after eight people were crushed to death at his Houston concert on Friday.

He was twice convicted of encouraging his fans to leap security barriers to rush to the stage during previous concerts. Videos also show him encouraging others to jump from balconies.

A video has resurfaced showing rapper Travis Scott encouraging a crowd to 'f**k up' a fan who attempted to take his trainers while he crowd surfed in Switzerland. Pictured: A grab from the video taken at the OpenAir Festival in St. Gallen, Switzerland in 2015

A video has resurfaced showing rapper Travis Scott encouraging a crowd to ‘f**k up’ a fan who attempted to take his trainers while he crowd surfed in Switzerland. Pictured: A grab from the video taken at the OpenAir Festival in St. Gallen, Switzerland in 2015

Scott has twice been convicted for encouraging fans to jump security barriers and rush the stage at previous concertsPictured: A mug shot of Scott from Rogers police department after a 2017 incident in Arkansas

Scott was twice found guilty of inciting fans to rush past security barriers at concerts.

The footage was taken on-stage at the Swiss Olympic Park. It shows Scott jumping in the crowd, crowdsurfing and being pulled back by security.

Turning back towards the crowd, Scott shouts into the microphone: ‘Get that motherf***er, get him,’ while pointing to someone.

“You wanted to steal my shoe?” Do you really want to become a thief?” He shouts at the fan he accuses of trying to take his Yeezy trainers off of his feet. 

‘F**k him up! F**k him up’ he is then heard shouting. Scott was also reported to have spit at one of the people in the crowd.

Footage, taken from on-stage in Switzerland, shows Scott after jumping into the crowd and crowdsurfing (pictured), before being pulled back to the front barriers by security

On-stage footage in Switzerland shows Scott jumping into crowd and crowdsurfing, before being pulled back by security to the front.

Pictured: Scott is seen being held up by a security guard near the front of the stage in Switzerland

Pictured: Scott being held by a guard at the front of the stage, Switzerland

Scott shared an emotion-filled video on Saturday to over 43,000,000 of his Instagram followers, saying that he was devastated by the death at Houston’s Astroworld Festival.

He continued, “I can’t picture anything like that happening.”

Meanwhile, festivalgoer Kristian Paredes, 23, from Austin, Texas, has sued Scott and Drake for over a million dollars, claiming the rappers ‘incited the crowd’ and accused the rappers, Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation of negligence.   

Scott was not alleged to have asked his fans to hurry him during Friday night’s performance. Eight people died.

The fatality has been raised by footage that shows multiple instances of people rushing towards Scott during previous performances at Lollapalooza Chicago 2015, and an Arkansas outdoor venue 2017. 

Scott was convicted of misdemeanors in both cases. 

An attendance nurse refuted the claims that a man had been seen using a needle to inject people moments before they were crushed.

Astroworld also released a statement on their account, mentioning cardiac arrests. They asked for anyone who has information to call Houston PD. This led to claims organizers were trying to take credit for poor crowd control which turned fatal.  

Troy Finner, Houston Police Chief, said that there were reports about a security officer being stabbed and then revived by Narcan. However there are no reports that the group was drugged. 

One fan, who suffered paralysis after falling from his balcony at a Scott concert in 2017, has taken to Twitter to blast the singer for risking their safety. 

Kyle Green is represented by a lawyer. Green, 27, was hurt at Scott’s April 2017 concert at Terminal 5 New York City. Green said that he was heartbroken for the eight families who lost their loved ones at Scott’s Friday night concert.

Kyle Green, 27, was left partially paralyzed at a Travis Scott show after Scott encouraged another fan to jump off a balcony. He says Friday's deaths could have been avoided 'had Travis learned his lesson'

Kyle Green, 27, was left partially paralyzed at a Travis Scott show after Scott encouraged another fan to jump off a balcony. According to Green, Friday’s death could have been prevented if Travis had learned his lesson.

Travis Scott show at Terminal 5 in NYC

Travis Scott show at Terminal 5 in NYC

NYC 2017. Green became partially paralyzed in NYC after breaking several vertebrae during a rowdy crowd that rushed to the Terminal 5 balcony in New York City in May 2017. Scott encouraged one person to leap. One concertgoer could be heard saying “I don’t want to die here!”

Travis Scott at Lollapalooza 2015

Travis Scott at Lollapalooza 2015

CHICAGO 2015:  Scott pled guilty to misdemeanor reckless conduct after his fans jumped a security barricade at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago

Travis Scott fans rush Arkansas stage in 2017

Travis Scott fans rush Arkansas stage in 2017

ARKANSAS 2017 – Scott encouraged Arkansas 2017 fans to ignore security and rush the stage during a May 2017 Arkansas show. The next year, he pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct.

Tickets to the two-day Astroworld festival sold out in under an hour in May, when Scott announced in a since-deleted tweet: 'We still sneaking the wild ones in'

In May, tickets for the Astroworld two-day festival were gone in an hour. Scott tweeted that he was still bringing in wild animals in a tweet.

Green said he fell over the edge on a balcony during the event, calling it’severely busy’. Green broke many bones and vertebrae, and is now unable to walk without a significant and substantial disability.

In a statement to DailyMail.com, Green’s attorney Howard Hershenhorn said that Scott’s security picked Green up ‘like a sack of potatoes’ instead of ‘putting him in a neck brace and on the backboard.’

‘He’s even more incensed by the fact that it could have been avoided had Travis learned his lesson in the past and changed his attitude about inciting people to behave in such a reckless manner,’ Hershenhorn told Rolling Stone. 

Scott encouraged another spectator to jump from the balcony at the 2017 show. 

“I can see you but will you do it?” Scott asked. Scott replied, “They’re gonna catch them.” Do not be afraid Don’t be scared!’ 

One fan is heard saying “I don’t want to die here” in video. 

Green sued Scott and Bowery Presents concert promoter Bowery Presents as Scott’s manager. He was also sued by a security company. This case remains pending.

In August 2015, the 29-year-old, who is dating Kylie Jenner, pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of reckless conduct after his fans jumped a security barricade at the Lollapalooza festival in Chicago.

At the time, the Office of Emergency Management stated that the performer had played one song and began to tell fans to get over the barricades. The security team quickly responded and the situation was resolved immediately. No fans were hurt.

John Hilgert (14 years old) was one of eight victims in Friday’s horrific crush that killed 8 people at Houston’s Astroworld Festival.

Danish Baig, 27, pictured, was killed at Travis Scott's Astroworld after saving a relative during the stampede on Friday, his brother said

Franco Patino, 21, attended the event with his best friend for his friend's birthday. He was also killed, University of Dayton said

Danish Baig, 27, was killed in Travis Scott’s Astroworld. His brother stated that he saved his relative from the stampede of Friday and had just reached out to save him. Franco Patino, 21 (right), also died, the University of Dayton said


Brianna Rodriguez, 16, was a dancer and junior in high school

Rodolfo 'Rudy' Pena, 23, was an aspiring model and dreamed of one day being a US Border Patrol agent. He died of cardiac arrest

Brianna Rodriguez, 16, (left) was a dancer and junior in high school. Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Pena, 23,(right)  was an aspiring model and dreamed of one day being a US Border Patrol agent. His death was caused by cardiac arrest.

According to WLS, the performer fled from the scene and was soon arrested.

“All my true ragers leap the barricade now. Let’s get on with it. He said, “Come on,” at his 2015 concert as young fans complied. “I want chaos.” Many people stormed towards the stage in a horde, but no injuries were reported.  

After encouraging his fans to rush onto the stage in order to avoid security, he plead guilty to another misdemeanor offense charge of disorderly conduct on February 2018. 

Scott paid a 7,465.31 fine, according to KFSM. 

The Rogers Police Department said several people were injured during the rush and  treated on the scene by the fire department and staff from a local hospital.

A week before, Scott’s fan in Manhattan claimed that he had pushed him over a balcony side-by-side after he asked for fans to hurry forward. He was then paralysed.  

A nursing assistant who fell to the ground and had to be rushed up the stairs for Friday’s concert, described the scenes as overwhelmed doctors dealt with an avalanche of bodies. Her response also refuted claims that the cause of eight deaths was a man who stabbed people with an ax.

The crowd at the Scott's music festival on Friday surged toward the stage during Scott's performance, knocking other concertgoers over and squeezing them together

Friday’s Scott’s Music Festival crowd surged to the front of the stage as Scott performed, knocking out other concert-goers and forcing them all together 

Around 2pm Friday, hundreds of fans stormed the festival's VIP entrance. Seven hours later, the surge in front of the main stage killed eight people

At 2pm on Friday hundreds stormed into the VIP entry of the festival. Eight people were killed in the crowd’s assault on the main stage seven hours later.

Madeline Eskins, an ICU nurse who went to Friday's Travis Scott show, shared her perspective after she fainted and ended up backstage

Eskins, who says she's been to previous Astroworld festivals, said, 'this was completely different. It was awful.'

Madeline Eskins was an ICU nurse, who attended Friday’s Travis Scott concert. After fainting, she ended up backstage.

She called the show 'awful' and described overwhelmed medical staff and untrained teenagers trying to revive concertgoers, some of whom would not make it

She described the performance as “awful” and described how overwhelmed doctors and teenagers tried to save concertgoers who were often unable or unwilling to make it.

“This is a lie. They were trying to conceal their true selves. Nobody who actually was there has said this s**t. Nobody saw this s**t,’ said Madeline Eskins.

Paredes – who filed the complaint against the rappers, Live Nation Entertainment Inc. and Harris County Sports and Convention Corporation of negligence – alleges that special guest Drake ‘came on stage alongside Travis Scott and helped incite the crowd.’ 

Drake accuses him of performing with Travis Scott “as the crowd became too wild” and “continuing to entertain.”While the chaos continued.   

Paredes now seeks over $1 million for bodily injuries. Some of these he says are permanent.  

Rappers Travis Scott and Drake are being sued for over a million dollars by a man who claims he was left 'severely injured' in the crowd

Rappers Travis Scott and Drake are being sued for over a million dollars by a man who claims he was left 'severely injured' in the crowd

Drake and Travis Scott are facing lawsuits for more than one million dollars from a man who says he was’severely hurt’ by the rappers.

Kristian Paredes, 23, from Austin, Texas, filed the complaint obtained by DailyMail.com Sunday

Kristian Paredes (23), Austin, Texas filed the DailyMail.com Sunday complaint

According to the complaint, Drake 'came on stage alongside Travis Scott and helped incite the crowd.' He accuses Drake of continuing to perform with Travis Scott 'as the crowd became out of control' and ' while the crowd mayhem continued'

According to the complaint Drake appeared on stage with Travis Scott and incited the crowd. Drake was accused by the complainant of continuing to perform alongside Travis Scott “as the crowd became wild” and “while chaos persisted”.

Paredes said he was standing in front of the general section with only a metal barrier to separate him from the VIP Section.  

He claims he felt an immediate push as Travis Scott’s countdown ended. Scott entered the stage just before 9pm.

Texas attorney Thomas J. Henry, who is representing Paredes, said, 'There is no excuse for the events that unfolded at NRG stadium on Friday night'

Texas attorney Thomas J. Henry representing Paredes said: “There’s no excuse for what happened at NRG stadium Friday night.”

The filing stated that ‘the crowd became chaotic, and a stampede began, leaving eight people dead and numerous others, including Kristian Peredes, severely injured.  

It says that many people begged Live Nation Entertainment security guards for assistance, but they were not able to help them. 

Paredes states in the lawsuit, that the deaths and injuries are the result of negligence, carelessness and recklessness by the defendants, their agents, servants, and employees in regard to the management, ownership, maintenance, operation and supervision of the subject premises.

He wants a trial before a jury.  

Texas attorney Thomas J. Henry is representing Paredes. He said that there is no excuse for Friday’s events at NRG stadium.

“There’s every reason to believe that organizers, performers and venues were aware that there was a crowded venue and possible deaths. They chose to make profits and let the show go.

“Live music performances should inspire catharsis and not tragedy. These concert-goers had been looking forward for this event for many months. They deserved to be able to enjoy their evening in a relaxed and safe setting. They were instead faced with fear, injury, death.  

Paredes says in the lawsuit that the injuries and deaths are due to the 'negligence, carelessness and recklessness' of the 'defendants, their agents, servants and employees, in the ownership, management, maintenance, operation, supervision, and the control of the subject premises'

Paredes claims in the suit that injuries and deaths result from the negligence, carelessness, and recklessness of defendants, their agents and servants, in relation to ownership, management and operation of subject premises.

KHOU heard from a crowd management expert, that standing-room only setups without aisles and seats are most harmful ways of organizing audiences.

Paul Wertheimer founder of Crowd Management Strategies, stated that “Everyone has known this problem since Elvis Presley.”

He said, “It forces people to work against one another.” “This is one of the most dangerous things that could happen to crowd safety.

Friday night was the opening night of Astroworld Festival, which Scott started in 2018 as a way to promote his album.

The lineup included Scott along with artists such as SZA, Bad Bunny, Tame Impala, Earth Wind & Fire, Toro y Moi and Roddy Rich.

SZA, an R&B singer who had performed hours before Scott took the stage, responded to the tragedy on Twitter Saturday: ‘Speechless about last night I’m actually in shock n don’t even know what to say. I am praying for Houston and the families of all those who have lost their lives. 

Video posted by TMZ on Sunday shows a woman falling to the ground. Multiple police officers had pulled the woman unconscious, lying on a stretcher in the crowd, from the crowd. No one was there to help her as the body fell off the barricade.

Woman is dropped on her head at Travis Scott's Astroworld concert in Houston on Friday

Woman is dropped on her head at Travis Scott's Astroworld concert in Houston on Friday

A video from Friday night’s concert shows a woman unconscious being placed on her head while police try to take her out.

As people tried to reach the Grammy-winning artist as closely as possible, eight people aged between 14 and 27 were murdered. 

John Hilgert, the youngest victim, was killed in the crush at Houston’s Astroworld Festival on Friday. 

As a Memorial High School ninth-grader, he was remembered for being a skilled baseball player as well as an admired student.

Hilgert was photographed as Houston’s Medical Examiner released a photo of another victim, KTRK reported. 

He is thought to be early in his 20s and has dark hair with a goatee. His height was 6′ 2″ and his weight was 498 lbs.

Basil (second left) confirmed his brother Danish Baig's (left) death on Facebook and called what he did a 'courageous act'

Basil (second from left) confirms the death of Danish Baig on Facebook. 

Brianna (right), pictured with her mother, was killed at the event

Brianna (right), was pictured together with her mother at the event. 

Pena died of cardiac arrest after being injured at the show

After being hurt at the event, Pena suffered cardiac arrest and died. 

21-year-old Patino was a student at the University of Dayton in southern Ohio, where he studied engineering

Patino, 21, was an undergraduate at University of Dayton (southern Ohio), where he studied engineering. 

Danish Baig (27 years old) was among those who were killed in the surge that occurred at the concert. University of Dayton student Franco Patino, 21, a senior, also died at day one of the Astroworld festival at NRG Park in Houston, Texas, the school said. 

Basil Baig confirms that Baig died while trying to help a relative in the stampede during the concert. 

Basil shared the following Facebook post: “My brother was murdered in an awful Astroworld event, which was poorly managed and supervised by such terrible people,” 

He gave his brother a standing ovation for his courage and described him as a “beautiful person.” 

Kyle Green broke several vertebrae after falling from a balcony at a Travis Scott show in 2017.  He can only walk with a 'significant, significant disability,' his lawyer says

After falling off a Travis Scott concert balcony in 2017, Kyle Green fractured several vertebrae.  His lawyer said that he can’t walk unless he has a “significant and significant disability.”

According to WGN9, Patino was an avid fan of the rapper. He traveled from Southern Ohio to Houston with his best friend in order to celebrate the birthday of his friend. 

The college senior was studying engineering and was a member of the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers and the Alpha Psi Lambda. 

Scott posted a response to Saturday’s incident on Instagram Stories.

Scott shared that “my fans mean the most to me” and that he wants to give them a good experience.

“Whenever I am able to see the situation, I will stop it and help the person in need. The severity of this situation was something I couldn’t imagine.

Houston’s music festival witnessed a raucous crowd surge toward Scott’s performance. It knocked other concert-goers off the stage and squeezed them so tight that they couldn’t breathe or move their arms.

The rapper said, “To those who lost their loved ones last night,” and that he was working to identify the families in order to help them get through this difficult time.

‘I’m honestly just devastated… I could never imagine anything like this just happening.’

Scott indicated that Scott is working closely alongside local authorities in investigating the crowd surge.

After the concert, Kylie Jenner (his pregnant girlfriend) and Kendall Jenner, her sister in modeling, made her own statement. 

Statement: Kylie Jenner has said she was unaware people died at her partner Travis Scott's Astroworld festival until after the show

Statement by Kylie Jenner: She claimed that she didn’t know people had died at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival until the end of her show.

Kylie wrote: 'Travis and I are broken and devastated. My thoughts and prayers are with all who lost their lives, were injured or affected in anyway by yesterday's events'

Kylie wrote: ‘Travis and I are broken and devastated. My thoughts, prayers and condolences go out to all those who were hurt or lost in yesterday’s tragic events.

I want to be clear that until we heard about any fatalities, the show was not over. In no way would the crew have stopped performing or filming.

“I’m sending condolences to all affected families and I will pray for their healing.

“Everyone is shocked, upset. Kendall and Kylie were present in the crowd, but they weren’t injured. Travis won’t perform tonight. According to a source, the concert has been cancelled. People magazine.

According to police, at least 23 people were brought to the hospital. 17 of them were among the victims of the worst incident.

Others whose deaths have been confirmed to various news outlets are 16-year-old Brianna Rodriguez and Rodolfo ‘Rudy’ Peña, 23.

Some people described feeling unable to breath, having their ribs crushed, and being unable to move their arms while the pushing and shoving continued.

Travis Scott: Travis Scott: Mom, I Can Fly is a Netflix documentary that featured Scott in 2019. It features him as a subject and depicts his supporters with bloody noses during his concerts. The documentary also shows the difficulties of staging the shows while not requiring police intervention.

Eskins says she saw untrained medical staff and teenage concertgoers performing CPR on people who were alive because they didn't know to check for a pulse

Eskins claims that she witnessed untrained medical personnel and teenager concertgoers perform CPR on patients who weren’t alive, because they didn’t know how to look for pulses.

Eskins said that reports that a man was going around the concert injecting people are 'a lie. They trying to cover their asses'

Eskins claimed that the reports that an intoxicated man went around the concert injecting others are false. They are trying to hide their face’

Eskins was a concertgoer, who described herself as an ICU nursing nurse. On Saturday, she wrote a long Instagram post detailing the events at the show.

According to her, she felt fainted Friday night because she couldn’t breathe.

A crowd gathered around her body and handed her to security. The guard then placed her in an area backstage, where staff was trying desperately to save anyone ‘with their eyes rolled up into their heads’ or ‘bleeding out of their mouth and nose’.

“Has ANYBODY checked my pulse?” I yelled. She recalled.

After she stated that she was an ICU nurse, a security guard asked her to help. 

According to The Houston Chronicle, Scott performed for another 37 minutes even after emergency responders arrived at the scene. Fans asked camera operators to stop the concert via social media.

The tickets to the Astroworld Festival were sold in less than an hour. Scott posted in a now-deleted Tweet that he was still smuggling wild animals in.

Eskins recalls that three bodies were found behind the general admission crowd while medical staff did CPR using very little training and resources.

‘I ask where the ambu bag is, where the AED is, where the stretcher and ambulance is, where tf any s*** is and they said essentially there is none,’ Eskins writes.

“There is one Ambu Bag, one Stretcher and One AED for three – four people who are blue and pulseless. 

“People are helping out from the crowd. Although teens are performing CPR to try and help, they do it wrongly. Then, I notice that there are other people performing CPR on patients who have not had a pulse checked. It was an absolute s**t show.’

Videos from Friday night’s tragic concert were shared on social media over the weekend. One video shows Scott singing into the microphone while security takes out an unconscious man. However, he seems to have requested security help just moments earlier.

Eskins posted a story, calling for pushing back against claims that a man who was armed with a needle was going about injecting people.  

Scott, above on Friday, rapped for over 37 minutes after eight people were crushed to death

Scott (above) rapped for more than 37 minutes on Friday after eight people had been crushed to death

She wrote, “This is a lying.” They are trying to hide their tracks. Nobody who actually was there has said this s****. Nobody saw this s***.’

According to TMZ, Troy Finner, chief of Houston Police said that a Houston security guard experienced a pinched nerve in his neck. He then fell asleep while trying to restrain someone else.

Narcan, which is used to reverse opioid overdoses, was administered to the guard. The guard’s condition was confirmed by medical staff.  

Troy Finner, chief of Houston Police Department says that the inquiry into the death will not leave any stone unturned.

Houston police chief Troy Finner says the investigation will leave 'no stones unturned'

Troy Finner is the Houston police chief and says there will be no stones left unturned in his investigation

‘This has not happened to us in Houston since I’ve been a police officer and we take pride in it. According to KHOU, Finner stated that they would get to the bottom of this at a Saturday press conference.

“There are many narratives out there right now. He added that there were many of these narratives on social media, and some even from last night. 

“I believe that everyone needs to respect the families and follow the facts. And that’s what we’re trying to do here in the Houston Police Department. One of those stories was, I believe, that somebody was injecting drugs into other people.