The moment that female thieves point their own guns at man as they steal his Rolex. Before he takes the weapon out of their hands, and gets back the watch

  • On the evening of November 17, two women tried to steal the Rolex from a man while armed with two guns. This was in Miami Dade County.
  • They attempt to flee the apartment block of the male victim with their accessories by elevator, but he tracks them and is eventually taken hostage at gunpoint
  • Each of the two women with guns are ready to tell him what’s going on so they can leave.
  • The two men slide their guns onto the floor of the building so the man cannot hold the elevator at once and grab his firearms simultaneously.
  • One of the two women smashed the Rolex onto the ground before the elevator door closes, leading to their successful escape

The moment an angry victim faced two thieves trying to flee from his apartment, armed with his Rolex and guns.

Surveillance footage from the apartment complex in Miami Dade County at 11.42p.m, November 17, showed the woman who both appear to be armed as they get inside an elevator, followed by a man.

One of them points her gun at the chest of the man, prompting the latter to drop the gun to his back and go into the apartment’s floors while the other thief holds him back.

One of the two women holds the man's gun against the victim's chest while the other grabs him by the arm so that he doesn't come any further into the elevator

Two women hold the gun of the man against the victim, while one grabs the other by the arm to stop him from getting further in the elevator.

Vividly upset, the victim speaks with the lady who holds the weapon against him.

The women finally give in and start sliding their guns along the floor. They then toss the Rolex on the ground. It can have a value of hundreds of thousand of dollars.

The male victim is seen reaching for the watch and the women quickly press the button to close the door to flee.

After the elevator’s door finally shuts, one of the two women puts her head against the elevator’s wall and sticks her tongue out in a sign of relief.

The victim, who was not identified by the media outlet, said that he had been involved in a robbery attempt at gunpoint the previous night.

“Have they attempted to steal my Rolex, took my weapons, and tried to use them against me until I defeated them both. has reached out to the victim’s family and the Miami Dade County Police department for clarification.  

The man can be seen gesturing for his watch back while being held by one of the two 'escorts'

Before the thieves stop the male victim and inform him of the future, the men follow them to the elevator.

The woman in the elevator proceeds to give her gun to the other woman so she can slide it on the ground, prompting the victim to go and get instead of holding the elevator

In an elevator, the woman proceeds to hand her gun over to the second woman. This allows the victim to slide the gun onto the ground.