Scaredy cat? The Jacksonville Jaguars’ mascot hangs above the field, his wires getting caught on a failed bungee jump

  • Jaxson De Ville, Jacksonville Jaguars’ mascot had an unfortunate bungee jump on Sunday
  • A veteran performer who performed a routine before each game at Jacksonville’s TIAA Bank Field, the backflip of a stadium lighting fixture has been a hit with fans.
  • Jaxson de Ville wears a bungee rope that’s fastened to his zip line. He can glide effortlessly down to midfield just before the kickoff. 
  • However, Sunday’s mascot became too wired and he was unable to descend onto the field. He instead escaped into the crowd at the top.
  • Jaxson de Ville, an anthropomorphic yellow Jaguar, was not harmed in the stunt

Jacksonville Jaguars fans felt some relief on Sunday, when Jaxson De Ville, the mascot of the Jaguars survived an unfortunate stunt and was uninjured.

The veteran performer, who is tied to a bungee line and attached to a zipline, has been dazzled by Jacksonville’s TIAA Bank Field crowds with a graceful backflip from a stadium fixture. This allows him to glide down to the midfield, before opening kickoffs.

Jaxson de Ville got his bungee rope tangled up with another wires Sunday which made it impossible for him to use the zip line properly. Instead of gracefully gliding to midfield, the mascot dangled from the stands and then climbed into the upper deck.

Jaxson de Ville, the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot, lands in the upper-level seats after a pregame stunt goes wrong before the game against the visiting Atlanta Falcons

Jaxson de Ville (Jaxon Jaguars mascot) lands at the top-level seats, after an unfortunate pregame stunt against the Atlanta Falcons.

Jaxson de Ville's bungee cord became tangled with other wires, which prevented his zip line from working properly. So instead of gliding gently down to midfield, the mascot instead dangled over the stands before descending into the upper deck, where he safely detached from his bungee cord

Jaxson de Ville dangling above the crowd in Jacksonville

Jaxson De Ville’s zip line was unable to function properly because his bungee cord got tangled up with wires around it. Instead of moving gently towards midfield, Jaxson de Ville dangled his bungee cable over the stands, before ascending into the upper deck.

Jacksonville Jaguars mascot Jaxson de Ville is lowered to the upper deck of the stadium after getting stuck during a bungee stunt before Sunday's game

After getting trapped in a bungee jump, Jaxson De Ville of Jacksonville Jaguars is now lowered to the top deck.

The anthromorphic yellow Jaguar was not shaken by the experience or when he landed safely on his feet.

After avoiding near disaster, he stood to receive a round applause.

Jaxson de Ville regularly performs the act in Jacksonville as well London. In London, the team occasionally has played in recent times.

Jaguars fans didn’t have much to celebrate after the game. Jacksonville lost 21-14 to Atlanta Falcons, reducing their season record to 2-8.

The anthropomorphic yellow Jaguar did not break character during the harrowing ordeal or after landing safely on his feet

Jaxson de Ville usually performs the stunt without incident

The anthromorphic yellow Jaguar was not a broken character after the ordeal.

Even a Falcons fan (right) gave a helping hand as Jaxson de Ville descended into the crowd

Jaxson de Ville, a Falcons fan (right), helped to guide Jaxson into the crowd. 

Jaxson de Ville paused for a moment and enjoyed his seat after surviving the botched jump

Jaxson de Ville stopped for a second and took his time after the unsuccessful jump.

Jaxson de Ville’s performance isn’t the first.

While playing Pittsburgh in 2014, the mascot raised a towel with the message “Towels Carry Ebola.” This was intended to make fun of Steelers fans that are famous for waving gold towels during games.

Jaguars President Mark Lamping apologised in a statement.

Lamping stated that “Improvisation as well humor were key components of Jaxson’s character, particularly when he plays at home games.” Lamping stated that Sunday’s performance was a poor example of the bad decisions made by the player who played Jaxson deVille for the last 20 seasons.

“The sign was made by Jaxson in the fourth quarter yesterday and was not noticed by the team until it was displayed.

Jaxson de Ville, the Jacksonville Jaguars mascot, runs on the field before a previous game

Jaxson De Ville, Jacksonville Jaguars’ mascot runs onto the field prior to a previous game

Jaxson de Ville ,the mascot of the Jacksonville Jaguars, drops into the stadium on November 21

Jaxson, the Jacksonville Jaguars’ mascot, arrives at the stadium in November 21