As SIX people try to break them apart, two women fight it out on the street in front of a bar.

  • The women were seen fighting in front of The Town Crier Pub at Coventry
  • Footage captures the couple wrestling and pulling their hair.
  • They tried to restrain themselves physically with the help of their friends and passersby, but they failed 

As six men fail to separate them, this is when two women meet on the street and wrestle.

Their friend begs them not to fight, but one of the women can be heard shouting: “Never!The woman shouted: ‘Never!  

The two were seen wrestling on the streets outside The Town Crier Pub, Croft Road in Coventry, West Midlands, on Saturday night.  

The two women wrestle

The two women (in snake print and blue) wrestle on the ground

The moment when two women meet on the street in front of a bar and fight each other, while six people try to do it again.

The pair fight as their friends try to restrain them

The pair fight on the ground

The two were seen fighting outside The Town Crier Pub, Croft Road in Coventry, West Midlands, on Saturday night

As six men tried desperately to stop the fight, footage captures the blonde women pulling and grasping each other’s hair.   

The women are unable to be controlled despite the efforts of their friends and passersby.

You can hear a friend shouting “Let’s go, please!” I’m begging you! You please! Let’s go! Let go now!’

A female friend who is distraught can also be heard asking them to get off their hair. Take off her hair!

Friends of the warring pair frantically attempt to force them apart, but they keep tugging on each other’s hairs and even hitting one another.

The chaos is evident and six men are seen dragging two women fighting on the ground. But they cannot be stopped.

As other friends in distress plead for the pair to give up their barnets, the blonde sparring woman in blue responds: “Never!”

One girl is on the ground during the brawl

The girls fight each other as their friends try to stop them

As six men tried desperately to stop the brawl, footage captures the blonde women wrestling each other on the floor while pulling and pulling their hair.

There is chaos and the six people are filmed dragging the two fighting women off the ground but they can't be stopped

It is chaotic and they are shown dragging the fighting women to the ground. However, it’s impossible for them to stop.

Then as other distressed friends implore the pair to let go of the other's barnet, but the sparring blonde woman in the blue dress retorts back: 'Never!'

Another group of distressed friends pleads for them to release each other’s barnet. But the sparring blonde in the blue gown screams back, “Never!”

As the feuding women rip at one another’s hair, there are more shrieks by nearby people.

They beg their friends to let them go. The woman wearing the blue gown finally relents and says, “Ok, I’ll release you.” Ok I’ll let go. Ok I’ll let go’.

But the woman still drags her competitor in the snakeskin costume by her hair and pulls at her mane. The couple’s friends attempt to drag her away with her wrist, but she insists that she will kill her. Pay attention! I’ll kill her! Grab my wrist. Take your hand off of my wrist. 

They yell at their screaming companions: “Please let it go!” They beg their mates to let go, but they refuse.

The two continue to pull at each other’s hair and engage in a close-knit fight on the sidewalk. Their friend physically grabbed their legs in an attempt to stop the girl wearing the blue dress.

The woman wearing the blue gown manages to hold her ground on her opponent. She holds the woman’s hair and puts her in a chokehold. The female wearing the snakeskin gown is verbally threatened by her and she curses at it.

End of the clip, two women fight each other while their friends fail to end them apart.

Although it is not known why this altercation broke out between the women, the video has been widely shared online. 

MailOnline has reached out to West Midlands Police with a request for clarification.