Two dozen passengers ran down a Majorcan runway after an alleged diabetic coma.

In an unusual incident, police suspect that the men forced their way onto the Airbus A320. This was a planned coup designed to illegally enter Spain.

The drama unfolded on Friday night. After fighting for a while, passengers ran down the stairs and vanished into darkness at Majorca’s Palma Airport.

The extraordinary scene was witnessed by a female passenger who could have been heard shouting “They’re fleeing, they’re fleeing, the boys are staying in Spain” as she fled the plane.

After the Air Arabic Maroc-operated plane was flying from Casablanca in Morocco to Istanbul, Turkey, a passenger fell ill and entered a diabetic coma.

A companion was also rushed with the Moroccan man to hospital. The’sickly’ man quickly fled the centre after a quick check-up.

The man accused of feigning a diabetic coma told medics he was fine when he got to the island's Son Llatzer hospital (pictured: authorities inspect the Air Marroc Airbus A320)

According to medics, the man who was accused of lying about a diabetic condition told them he felt fine after he reached Son Llatzer hospital on the island. (photo: Authorities inspect Air Marroc Airbus A320).

Dozens of men were pictured sprinting from the Air Arabic Maroc Airbus on the runway at Majorca's Palma airport on Friday night

On Friday night, several dozen men were seen sprinting off the Air Arabic Maroc Airbus at Majorca’s Palma Airport.

The actor, along with his companion was being examined by medical personnel, had 22 passengers take advantage of their confusion and make a daring escape through open aircraft doors. It caused an airport shutdown that lasted for nearly four hours, causing chaos.

Last night, 12 out of 24 passengers that left Palma Airport were not found after the central government spokeswoman said several Moroccan men had been taken into custody in various parts of the island.

The majority were taken into custody in Marratxi municipality, about a 45-minute drive from Palma. Four of them were detained after a tip-off by a local, who saw them act’suspiciously” in the streets and connected them with the escape plane.

Although most of those still missing were thought to be Moroccans, one man has been identified as Palestinian.

Officials from Spain said that they couldn’t rule out the possibility of an “orchestrated” coup in order to illegally enter the country. This was their initial comment on Saturday.

They said that they did not have any evidence to suggest the incident was planned ahead and related to an ‘intentional’ attempt to falsify a medical problem by another passenger.

Footage of Friday night's drama showed the passengers appearing to push past medical and airline staff at a plane exit door after a brief struggle

The drama on Friday night was captured in footage. After an initial struggle, passengers were seen pushing past the airline personnel and doctors at an airplane exit door.

The man accused of feigning a diabetic coma told medics he was fine when he got to the island's Son Llatzer hospital (pictured: members of the civil guard on the runway where the escape took place)

Man accused of lying to medics that he had a diabetic episode told them he was in a good mood when he reached Son Llatzer Hospital on the island. (Photo: Civil Guard members at the runway, where the escape occurred).

Aina Calvo (Central government spokesperson for the Balearic Islands) made a statement on Saturday in reaction to the man’s attempt to fake illness and force the plane to turn around.

“The procedure in an emergency situation that the pilot asked for was used in this instance.

“It is possible that the protocol will be revised after the current investigation has been completed in light of the unique events in our country.”

Calvo stated that 12 of 24 people on board the plane that had crashed were still missing.

Elle also insists that none of those who were intercepted requested asylum.

According to police, sources, at least one member of the flight crew had plans for their escape. That supports the hypothesis that the person who triggered the emergency was either exaggerating his health or inventing it to aid the coup.

Jorge Campos (an MP from the Balearic Islands’ region parliament for the hard right-wing Vox party) said that this footage showed how the organization of Palma’s landing of the Moroccan airplane.

The Balearics central government spokeswoman said that it was. You should quit.

All this, while we’re at terrorist alarm level four. We’re defenceless. It is a shame.

Spanish airport authority Aena announced that business was resumed as usual in a tweet shortly before midnight Friday. This comes three hours after the announcement by Aena that all normal airport operations were suspended due to the shock runway invasion.

The National Police and the Civil Guard, Spain's two national police forces, are involved in the hunt for the runaways (pictured) and are believed to be getting assistance from local town-hall employed police forces across the island

Spanish’s two main police agencies, the National Police and Civil Guard are both involved in hunting down the runaways. They are thought to have been assisted by local police officers from the towns.

Around 40 incoming and outbound flights, including several international flights, were delayed as a result of the incident on the runway in Majorca (pictured: check-in desks at Palma airport on the evening on Friday 5th November)

The incident at Majorca’s runway caused delays to around 40 inbound and outbound flights.

The FAA confirmed Saturday morning that thirteen flights had been diverted from Palma. They were five to Barcelona, four each to Ibiza and two each to Menorca. One to Madrid Barajas was also cancelled. Another to Valencia.

Around 40 flights, both outbound and incoming, were reported to be delayed, with several international flights included.

Two Spanish national police force, the National Police and Civil Guard, have joined the search for the ranaways. Local police personnel from the towns are suspected to have provided assistance.

Majorca is becoming a popular destination for people-smugglers. They help illegal migrants arrive on the island via boat, from countries like Algeria. 

Experts in aviation from Spain have described Friday night’s massive plane flight as the ‘first of their kind’.

Officers questioned the migrants who were first intercepted. They wanted to know if they had been properly briefed or if the officers took advantage of medical drama to decide to abandon the plane and invade the runway.

A migrant has faked a diabetic coma to claim asylum at a hospital in Majorca while 15 of his companions are still on the run. Pictured: authorities search the airport

According to reports, around 40 outbound and inbound flights including many international flights were delayed.