Police launch an urgent appeal for help as a man tries to kidnap a woman in Birmingham.

  • Video footage shows a woman in her 20s trying escape from a kidnap car, but is caught
  • In dashcam footage, she is being pulled back in to the Mondeo dark car.
  • At 5.45pm on Saturday, Birmingham witnessed the disturbing events.
  • Witnesses claimed that she was seized from the streets in drive-by just moments before.
  • Anybody with any information is asked to call West Midlands Police at 101 (or on the website).

Birmingham police released footage that showed a girl being taken from her street-side home by unknown men.

A manhunt was underway this afternoon after dashcam video showed the moment a dark coloured Ford Mondeo abruptly stopped in Golden Hillock Road at 5.45pm on November 7.

Police fear a woman – who they believe had been forced into the car shortly before in nearby Sampson Road – is being held prisoner.

This footage captures her opening a passenger door, then running outside. A man walks out of the vehicle and raises her inside.

A spokesperson for West Midlands Police said: ‘We radioed around details of the vehicle to all our patrols and checked road cameras but we’ve not yet been able to trace the car.

The ‘Enquiries Continue in an effort to trace the car and its registered keeper as well as the men.

“A handbag was located at the sideroad and witnesses describe the individual being taken in the car to be a woman.

‘There was nothing in the bag to help us identify her and we’ve not been able to determine if she’s safe.

‘We’re hoping someone will recognise the man shown briefly in the clip or know someone who has access to a similar vehicle and matches the description of the men.’

Two men are in the car, both Asians and early 20s. The man getting out of the car is bearded.

This woman, who was Asian and thought to have been in her teens or early twenties, is also believed to be Asian.

The spokesperson added: ‘If anyone has information that could help us then please get in touch; we’re also asking the woman to make contact if she can to let us know she’s OK.’

You can call West Midlands Police at 101, or send a message via Live Chat on its website. Or, anonymously call Crimestoppers at 0800 55111. Callers won’t be asked their names and calls cannot be traced. Refer to crime ref 20/1863950/21.