Although Sherlock fans do have quite a long wait between series of the hit detective show, fans will be treated to a one-off Sherlock special called The Abominable Bride in January to bridge the gap between series, but could fans see more Sherlock specials in the future?

Both Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are extremely busy guys, and scheduling often gets in the way, but during a recent interview Cumberbatch revealed that if his and Freeman continue to be as busy as they have been, more Sherlock specials could be a possibility, reports Joblo.

On the subject of more specials, Benedict Cumberbatch had this to say…


“I think if it becomes impossible to schedule a season every year – or year-and-a-half – then yeah, absolutely, why not [do more specials]? It’s a great deal of fun, this [new episode], but it does advance things. It’s not just on it’s own.”

The Abominable Bride is scheduled to air on the 1st of January 2016 in both the UK and USA, and the fourth season of Sherlock is due to start filming next spring, and apparently both Cumberbatch and Freeman are gong to stick with the show, with Cumberbatch saying…

“I’m still enjoying it – and we’ll see how the next series goes, but I’ve said many times before I’d love to keep aging with him. As actors, what intrigues us all to come back and play these characters is that there is scope for them to expand and change and evolve. It’s be an interesting experiment. Martin [Freeman] and I started this relatively young comapred to a lot of parings of Holmes and Watson, so why not?”