Get warm After two inches of snow falling today, more snow is expected to fall over the weekend. The bookies suggest that there will be 67% chance of snowfall on Christmas Day.

  • With two inches of snow falling in the North and Norfolk, today’s coldest weather has been severe.
  • Winter blasts will continue to pour into next week, with more snowstorms expected over the weekend
  • It is possible for snow to fall in some parts of the country, threatening Saturday and Sunday. 


As an icy wind blows across the UK, snow is expected to fall this weekend in the UK.

Weather forecasters predict that the UK’s wintry showers will not abate.

Today’s coldest weather has hit Norfolk and the north, with up to two inches of snow in certain parts of the country.

Tonight will see it confined to East Anglia by nightfall, with extremely cold temperatures.

Scotland is also likely to be affected by snow plumes that descend as the weather spell turns south.

By the weekend, any brief relief tomorrow provides will be gone.

Met officials say that snow will fall on the hills this weekend, which will spread into next week.

White Christmas is possible for those who wish to see their Christmas dreams come true.

A motorist battles the wintery conditions with Snow and Ice in Greatham Village this morning as Teesside has been hit with up-to 5cm of Snow

Teesside is being hit with snow up to 5 cm. A driver battles wintery conditions in Greatham Village.

A deeply unhelpful dog snatches a shovel from its owner, prompting an icy fall, as he tried in vain to clear his path

An unhelpful dog grabs a shovel from his owner. This caused an icy fall as the pup tried unsuccessfully to clear his path.

Storm Arwen is still causing total chaos with many areas in the north of the country without any electricity a week on

The chaos caused by Storm Arwen continues, with most areas of northern Nigeria without electricity for over a week. 

According to Bookmakers Coral, there is a 67% chance that snow will fall in Britain by Christmas Day.

The Met stated that weather will likely become more stable around Christmas and New Year, with an increase in the chance of fogging and overnight frost during clearer periods.

Many areas of the country still remain in ruins after being hit by Storm Arwen.

Greg Hands, energy minister was confronted in today’s confrontation by Terr wood during a visit St John’s Chapel Weardale County Durham.

Since Friday, when Storm Arwen battered many parts of England & Scotland, this area has been without electricity.

Nearly 21,000 homes have gone without heat in the UK for more than a week since 100 mph gales destroyed power lines, and uprooted thousands.

People wrap up warm as they cross London Bridge in freezing conditions this morning during their commute to work

As they commute to work, people wrap up warm while crossing London Bridge.

People cross London Bridge in freezing conditions this morning as cold weather hits the capital

As cold temperatures hit the capital, people cross London Bridge today in freezing conditions 

Snow falls on a street in Middlesbrough this morning as sub-zero conditions continue for many parts of the UK

As sub-zero temperatures continue throughout the UK, snow falls on Middlesbrough’s street this morning.

A tractor tries to help a bus driver today after the vehicle came off the road in icy conditions near Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire

Today, an ambulance tries to rescue a bus driver after his vehicle was forced off the road by the cold conditions in Aberdeenshire.

Ministers were previously accused of being in charge of a national scandal, where thousands were made to suffer freezing temperatures of as low as 6C over the night.

The owner of Blue Bell Inn, Mr Wood said to Mr Hands that he expected his government to tell him “Where did it go wrong?” and “How do we know it was wrong?” He stated that Durham County Council had not done enough for residents affected by the power cut.

Wood shouted at the energy minister: “Your role in this is to represent the local authorities. They have more power than us. How are they acting? Nothing – we are five days into this.’

According to the Conservative MP for Chelsea and Fulham, engineers are working tirelessly to restore power. Many of them work 16 hour shifts.

Wood replied, “I don’t want that to happen.” You’re an MP and I want to hear from you that you are going to go back and – to put it bluntly – kick ass.’

The Energy Networks Association issued this photograph yesterday of a fallen power line in the snow at an unknown location

This photograph was taken yesterday by The Energy Networks Association and shows a power line that has fallen in snow. It is unknown where it may have been.

MailOnline received information from the Energy Networks Association that 19500 properties had been affected by this morning’s storm. Northern Powergrid reported that 11,000 North of England households were still without power and 5,500 Electricity North West customers are still disconnected from electricity after the storm.

ENW stated that 117,000 Cumbrian homes were affected by 900 different storms. It was also the most severe storm damage they had ever witnessed. 

Cairnwell Mountain in Scotland, which was at -6.1C (21F), saw temperatures drop to this morning. Pershore in Worcestershire, where it dropped to -3.0C (26.4F), was the coldest location lower down in the UK.

Met Office also issues an ice advisory, with 2in snow forecast across Scotland and North York Moors. There may be flakes as far south and London.