At Preston Crown Court, Abhiyaan Malhotra admitted voyeurism and facilitating the commission of a child sex offence and was jailed for 42 months

At Preston Crown Court, Abhiyaan Malhotra admitted voyeurism and facilitating the commission of a child sex offence and was jailed for 42 months 

Today, a Prince’s Trust Ambassador was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in prison for allegedly allowing his boyfriend online to abuse a boy.

Abhiyaan Mahotra (25), took clandestine photographs of a naked person sleeping in the halls of his residence to send to William Greenhalgh (22) before Greenhalgh directed Greenhalgh’s filming of himself molestation of a small boy.

His role was to be the dominant figure in a long-distance relationship with Greenhalgh who lived in Blackpool, Lancashire.

Malhotra, an Indian student, had arrived in the UK in 2017 after studying marketing in Lithuania and went on to Enrol in a University of Wales Trinity Saint David PGCE Degree in Health and Social Care.

He then moved onto a MSc in Applied Social and Health Psychology at the university – where he was elected NUS president for the Swansea in June 2020. 

Malhotra was also a Young Ambassador for the Prince’s Trust in Wales, and Vice President of the Erasmus Student Network.  

After detectives received tips about inappropriate images of children being posted to Facebook, they discovered that the student was in a disturbing relationship with Greenhalgh.

They tracked Greenhalgh and seized his mobile phone to discover that he was sharing explicit images via Telegram, the social media app.

Indecent photos of a boy were sent by Greenhalgh to Malhotra within one chatlog. The conversation was then recorded live. Malhotra once told Greenhalgh he was a sex offender, while he sexually abused the child.

The chatlogs further revealed that Malhotra took a photo of a naked man and had it sent to Greenhalgh.

Preston Crown Court convicted Malhotra of aiding and faciliting the commission a child sexual offence. She was sent to jail for 42 months. 

Abhiyaan Malhotra

William Greenhalgh

Malhotra (left) was elected NUS President for the Swansea campus of University of Wales Trinity Saint David, in June 2020. Malhotra was thought to have been the dominant figure in long-distance relationships with William Greenhalgh (right), who lives in Blackpool in Lancashire

In interview Malhotra gave a prepared statement in which he denied having any interest in paedophilia or children

Malhotra, who was interviewed by the BBC, gave an prepared statement where he stated that he did not have any interest in paedophilia and children.

Greenhalgh, who was accused of making and distributing child-degrading photographs and sexual assault of a child as well possessing an image that is prohibited from being used for children’s purposes, was sentenced to 40 month imprisonment.

Malhotra had attended the prestigious Mithibai College in Mumbai where former pupils include a string of Bollywood stars and, according to his CV. 

His employment was in hospitality at Glamorgan cricket club, it is believed.

Malhotra made this personal statement as part of his personal statements: “One of the most important things to watch out for while on exchange is culture shock or reverse culture shock.”

The court was told that Greenhalgh and Maholtra were in an 18-month affair. Maholtra played the role of master and Greenhalgh the slave.

Greenhalgh was questioned by police and found numerous indecent photos on his phone. One video that lasted more than one minute showed another young boy being sexually assaulted.

The image was described by police as a drawing of a child being sexually assaulted and used for illegal purposes. Officers found Greenhalgh using the keyword: “Is paedophilia an offense?” Google.

Malhotra denied any interest in the paedophilia of children in an interview. 

Malhotra, an Indian Masters undergraduate, was elected as NUS president for the Swansea campus of the University of Wales Trinity Saint David in June 2020

Malhotra is an Indian Masters undergrad who was elected NUS President for the University of Wales Trinity Saint David Swansea Campus in June 2020

Greenhalgh claimed that he was the dominant partner and part of his ‘fantasy” involved Greenhalgh telling Greenhalgh to do things he did not want.

Greenhalgh didn’t respond. The Sex Offenders Register was signed for the life of both men and they were placed under a lifetime order to prevent sexual harm.

The case was closed by Det Con Rachel Hill (of Lancashire Constabulary’s Online Child Abuse Investigation Team Investigator) who said, “These two men are extremely dangerous. I’m pleased that they both received significant sentences.

“They collaborated to expose their child to sickening abuse to their perverse sexual desires.

“It was thanks to the OCAIT’s hard work, professionalism and dedication that indisputable evidence of Malhotra’s and Greenhalgh’s horrible offending came to light. Thank you to all of my colleagues, the CPS and for helping me to get these convictions.