More than 500 migrants have crossed English Channel. Border Force officers are involved in 16 incidents, while French authorities arrest 307 others who attempted to travel the entire trip within a single day.

  • French authorities stopped 307 migrants who were trying to cross the Atlantic in 8 boats.
  • Search and rescue personnel were busy today with good visibility and calm waters.
  • Dover Marina was open for business at 3.30am.
  • The UK Border Force vessel Hunter was followed closely by many more.

Yesterday, more than 500 migrants crossed England Channel via boat. Border Force was called in to rescue 504 persons in 16 incidents.

French authorities also stopped 307 migrants who attempted the treacherous journey in eight boats.

Search and rescue teams had another productive day with good visibility and calm waters across the 21-mile Dover Strait.

At 3am, the first people arrived at Dover Marina in Kent. It was dark outside.

Following them, dozens of others boarded the Border Force vessel Hunter just before 7am.

Many people were covered in warm red blankets, and were carrying large bags of belongings while they were taken up the Gangway by Immigration Enforcement.

French authorities also stopped 307 migrants attempting the treacherous trip in eight boats. Pictured: Migrants yesterday

French authorities stopped the dangerous journey of 307 migrants in their eight-boat boats. Yesterday’s Migrants

It was another busy day for search and rescue services with calm seas and good visibility across the 21-mile Dover Strait (pictured yesterday)

Another busy day was had by search and rescue personnel, with clear seas and excellent visibility over the Dover Strait for 21 miles (pictured yesterday).

The first arrivals came in to Dover Marina, Kent, at around 3am under the cover of darkness. Pictured: Yesterday

At 3:00am, the first people arrived at Dover Marina in Kent. It was dark outside. Pictured: Yesterday

The RNLI Dover Lifeboat also assisted in rescue efforts and was able to carry around 40 persons into the harbor.

Before 14 people were brought to safety, one man was seen standing up for the camera.

Another task of the Dungeness Lifeboat included rescue and transporting 40 migrants to safety.

A little girl wearing pink sleeveless coat held onto the hand of a man or woman while she walked along the shore.

A man was seen kneeling, appearing to kiss the stones in celebration of the risky trip.

A migrant presses their palms against the pebbles and kisses the beach after arriving on Dungeness Beach in Kent yesterday

After landing on Dungeness Beach in Kent, yesterday, a migrant touches the pebbles with their hands and then kisses it.

These crossings bring the journey to 220990, nearly triple what it was for the 8410 people who arrived in 2020.

Today’s visibility dropped and the weather was worsening at sea has seen more migrants arrive in the UK.

About 40 men were seen leaving the Dover Lifeboat around 8 a.m., and another 30 arrived at harbour on Border Force cutter Hunter.

According to the Home Office, it is not clear how many people arrived in Britain on Wednesday morning.

The record-breaking 853 have arrived in 25 boats less than a week ago – more than ever since the beginning of this crisis.

The group of migrants making the perilous crossing across the English Channel to the UK were brought ashore by the RNLI yesterday

Yesterday, the RNLI brought ashore the group of migrants who had crossed the English Channel from the UK.

On Saturday, 29 migrants arrived by boat in one vessel and 50 others made it to the dangerous crossing in another boat Monday.

The journey is dangerous due to rough seas or extreme weather conditions, but people-smuggling gangs still operate.

On Monday, a fishing vessel discovered the body off Octeville-sur-Mer.

Although the person hasn’t been identified as a migrant in any way, he was transported to Le Havre where a doctor confirmed that he had died.

Le Havre’s prosecutor has launched an investigation. The maritime gendarmerie was also entrusted with the probe.

This is after it was discovered that four of the migrants had died within the last fortnight, with other people believed to be missing or presumed dead.

Up to November 1,348 migrants arrived on 59 boats.

Clandestine Channel Threat Commander Dan O’Mahoney said that the journeys are risky and made possible by violent criminal gangs, who make a living from suffering.

We are working together with French officials to keep boats off their shores and stop criminals from driving them across.*

“People should seek asylum in any country that is safe for them.” New Plan for Immigration by the Government will improve asylum, making it fair for genuine needs and firm for people who abuse it.