Mother of five, 25-year-old son moved his body from another house to conceal the body.

  • Kylie Wilt of Pennsylvania, 25 told officers about her child’s death in February
  • Police were told that she placed her baby’s corpse in a crate, cut a hole through the wall for the crate to be inserted inside and covered it in paint.
  • Wilt stated that her baby died from sudden infant death syndrome in February.

After moving her baby boy from her former home, a mother admitted she kept her son’s five-month old body in a crate inside her wall.

Kylie Wilt from Pennsylvania, 25, claimed that her infant had died in February 2021. Reports said she had been hiding it ever since.

She told police that she had put her baby’s body in a crate and cut a hole in the wall in her Charleroi home, before fixing up the hole and covering it with paint, according to the Washington County DA’s Office.

After Wilt was born with THC, the Child and Youth Services Department began investigating Wilt for several months. THC, the active ingredient of marijuana is THC. 

Pennsylvania mother Kylie Wilt, 25, told officers that her baby had died in February 2021 and had been hidden ever since, reports said

Kylie Wilt of Pennsylvania, 25, claimed that her baby was dead in February 2021. Reports said she had been hiding it ever since.

When agents with the state Child and Youth Services Department went to her come last week to ask her where her baby was, investigators said she told them he was in North Carolina being watched by someone else, officials said to WPXI.

She changed her story and told agents her baby, a five-month-old girl, had died from sudden infant death syndrome in her home.

Wilt faces multiple charges. These include concealing her child’s murder and torturing a corpse. In addition, the child’s father and her boyfriend Alan Hollis is charged with obstruction. 

Officers were told that she was nervous about the death of her baby and decided to move three blocks away from her boyfriend with three other children. They took the body of the baby with them.

Officers were told that the mother kept the child hidden because she couldn’t afford a funeral. Investigating the cause of death, officers are currently investigating.

The house where Kylie Wilt, 25, was hiding her child's body in a wall

Kylie Wilt was hiding her body inside a wall in the house she lived in with her 25-year-old daughter, Kylie.

Robin Stasicha was a neighbor who recalled that the baby was crying before the family left. 

But then, she said, ‘All of a sudden, it didn’t one day and didn’t see them bringing him in and out and didn’t figure this is what happened.’

She said that she had asked the property manager to inquire about the baby and was told by her that the child had passed away.

Stasicha replied, “I thought, I’m there all the time.” “I have never seen an ambulance.” You wouldn’t call 911 for your baby if he/she wasn’t responding. 

The couple has not yet been given a date for their preliminary hearings.