After a boy aged four was placed in a secluded school “isolation shed” due to fears that he might be suffering from Covid symptoms, his mother took action.

  • Chloé Wilby says her son Mason, four, was placed in a ‘shed’ in a Cumbria school
  • Wigton Infant School isolated him because of his Covid symptoms
  • Miss Wilby claims Mason was suffering from hypothermia, and that he was “shivering like mad” 

A mother claimed that her son, aged four years old, developed hypothermia when he was placed in an outdoor shed by his school.

Chloé Wilby said Mason was kept away from other pupils and teachers after she sent him to school with a mild cold.

The school placed him in isolation as the symptoms began to manifest.

Chloé Wilby claims her four-year-old son Mason developed hypothermia after his school put him in isolation in what she described as an ‘outdoor shed’

Miss Wilby stated that Mason was still unable to speak when she arrived and was “shivering like mad”. 

She told the News & Star that his hands were ‘red raw’, adding: ‘I had to stick them up my top to warm up. His eyes were watering and he was crying.

“They forced him to eat outside his lunch.”

Miss Wilby claimed that she was instructed to dial an ambulance when Mason went to the doctor. Mason had hypothermia.

Geoff Norman is headmaster of Wigton Infant School in Cumbria. He stated: “The wellbeing and well-being of children has been the priority for all at Wigton.

Following their Covid protocols, the school put him in isolation until he could be picked up as he was displaying symptoms of the virus (pictured, a file photo of a school)

The school placed him in isolation following their Covid protocol until he was recovered. (pictured, a photo from a school).

“This involves moving Covid-19-symptomatic children to separate spaces with staff members until they are picked up or taken care of by parents.

“We have used our outdoor classroom as a learning space for several months and it’s worked great.

“Following recent concerns, we have revised our approach.”

Cumbria Police claimed that there were no criminal acts, and also stated: “The matter was referred to Cumbria County Council.”