One mother-of-14 said she forces her children to do their housework everyday of the year, even Christmas. She will not pay them $25 to help. This is to give her children structure and fairness in her household.

Virginia Revoir, 42 and Charles 45 from Arizona Texas teach their three children, who are ages 21- nine months old, responsibility right from an early age.

12 out of 14 of their kids are assigned daily tasks that they have to get done – like cleaning the bathroom, washing dishes, and doing laundry – and they’re never allowed to skip them, even on the holidays – unless they give their parents money. 

Children can opt to spend $25 to get the day off if the parents are unable to manage their daily responsibilities.  

Hardworking: A mom-of-14 has sparked fury online after she admitted that she makes her kids do housework every single day of the year - including Christmas - unless they pay her $25

The mother-of-14 is hardworking. She admitted she made her children housework all year, including Christmas. Unless they paid her $25

Virginia Revoir, 42, and her husband Charles, 45, from Arizona, Texas, are teaching their kids to be responsible from a young age

Virginia Revoir, 42 and Charles 45 from Arizona (Texas), teach responsibility to their children from an early age.

12 out of 14 of their kids are assigned daily tasks that they have to get done and they're never allowed to skip them - even for the holidays - unless they give their parents money

Twelve out of fourteen of their children have daily chores that they must complete.

Virginia, who is a stay-at home mother, Charles, an engineer and his 14 children (Chaz, 21, Ryan 20, Kyle, 19, Kaylene and Ivy) live together in seven bedrooms. Thanks to the children, everything stays spotless.

Virginia explained that Kyle was the chore checker. Ivy takes care of the yard and the loft while Ashley handles the laundries and bathroom.

Caleb cleans up the living and upstairs hallways, while Gabriel clears out the kitchen. Joshua cleans up the dining area and entranceway.

Josh and Juliet are the younger siblings. They just need to tidy up their rooms and feed them.

Virginia stated that she allows her children to unwrap their Christmas presents, and then it is back to work.

“We give our children time to open their gifts, unwrap them, and then we clean up the house before everyone comes,” she said.

It’s chore time that I just call, and the children are great at understanding their responsibilities and getting it done in a matter of 30 minutes. 

“Even at Christmas the children do their chores, but don’t wash much because we have Christmas Eve dinner.”

Only their birthday is the day that they aren’t allowed to housework.

If they don't want to handle their responsibilities, the kids have the option to pay $25 to take the day off

The kids can choose to spend $25 to have their day taken off if they aren’t willing to fulfill their obligations.

Their responsibilities include washing dishes, cleaning the house, doing laundry, and more

You can expect them to do dishes and clean the house.

No days off: On Christmas, Virginia said she lets the kids spend the morning unwrapping their presents and enjoying them, but then, it's right back to work

Virginia says she does not take vacations on Christmas. Virginia told Virginia that her kids get to spend Christmas morning enjoying their presents, and then it is back to work.

The only day they're excluded from doing their housework is on their birthday

They are not allowed to do their housework on their birthday.

Mom-of-14 stated that chores give structure to her children’s days and help make their home life more fair.

Elle added that: “Every morning, we meet to have breakfast together and then we share our lives and discuss our future plans.

“Some students go to school while others stay home,” therefore, homeschoolers take on the first chore during chore time after school.

They finish their chores after the school children get back, which adds structure and balance to household life.

“There aren’t dishes to wash during mealtimes because everybody washes the dishes, pots, and pans they use.

Being responsible: The mom-of-14 said that the chores 'add structure to their day' and make 'household life fair'

Being responsible: A mom-of-14 stated that chores “add structure to their days” and help make the ‘household lives fair”.

If they do their chores, they are rewarded with meals out and activities like paint-balling or visiting a trampoline park

Reward them for doing their chores. They get meals out, and they can visit a trampoline or paintball park.

The family lives in a seven-bedroom house, and thanks to the kids (who range from ages 21 to nine months), it always stays clean

Family lives in seven bedrooms. Thanks to their children (ranging from 21 to nine months old), the house is always clean. 

‘If there are any left over from the little kids who can’t wash their own, the other kids will pick up and wash at least five dishes and five pieces silverware.’  

Reward them for doing their chores. They get meals out or activities such as trampoline parks and paintball.

Virginia shared that she and her husband always tried to get together for activities, even though some older people have moved on because they are studying or working.

“We all got together and put up the tree, but we also went to trampoline parks last week.

“We do often have a themed Christmas so that we all can do something together, such as paintballing.