‘Dad. If we won. We won!’ He isn’t impressed when the Christmas draw chairman for his football club wins but refuses take home the prize.

  • John Haran is chairman of St Eunan’s AA Club in Letterkenny Co Donegal 
  • Garth Brooks tickets were being raffled off by the club for his Dublin concert performances 
  • Ollie Haran’s father pulled his ticket out of him, prompting laughter  

After his son won the Christmas raffle, the club chairman decided to pass up tickets for a sold-out concert. The boy couldn’t believe his luck.  

John Haran (chairman of St Eunan’s Gail club in Letterkenny Co Donegal), was overseeing the annual fundraising drawing that offered Garth Brooks concert tickets. 

Because of the increased Covid regulations in Ireland, he asked Ollie his son to select the winning ticket.

As soon as the boy disclosed that he was the winner, Mr Haran quickly picked another ticket. The boy protested repeatedly, saying, “Dad! If we won, then we won!” 

Ollie Haran, right, closed his eyes after his father John, left, told him to pull a ticket for a pair of Garth Brooks tickets for the American singer's sell-out Dublin visit

Ollie Haran closed his eyes right after John (left) told him to get a ticket for Garth Brooks’ Dublin show tickets. 

Mr Haran, left, is chairman of St Eunan's GAA club in Letterkenny, Co Donegal and was organising the draw. He looked visibly embarrassed after his son read out his name

He was the organizer of the draw and is Chairman of St Eunan’s Gail Club, Letterkenny. After his son had read his name, he looked embarrassed.

The school principal asks his son Ollie to draw from the drum the winning ticket. 

He screamed as his father won, and the man read the name. 

He could have easily travelled from Haran to Croke park in Dublin, for one of five American stars’ sell-out concerts on September 20, 222. 

Mr Haran, visibly embarrased, pulled out another ticket instead and read the details about the lucky winner. 

Ollie said to his father, “If we win we will” However, Mr Haran was not satisfied and pulled another ticket 

Garth Brooks will play five sell out gigs in Dublin next September to some 400,000 people

Five sell-out gigs by Garth Brooks are planned in Dublin for approximately 400,000 people next September 

People queued online for hours to buy tickets for the much-anticipated concerts

Many people queued up online for hours in order to get tickets for these much-anticipated shows

Ollie’s response provoked laughter in the background and people on social media backed Ollie’s interpretation of the rules.  

This scene quickly was compared with an episode of Father Ted, where Dermot Morgan played the priest and rigged a raffle to win a car. 

One Donegal Wit posted this clip of the comedy cut together with the real St Eunan’s raffle. 

Haran saw the humor in the video and shared it on Twitter. 

Garth Brooks, who sold an incredible 400,000 tickets to five Dublin concerts last year, was then forced to cancel the series after the local authority denied permission. 

Even though local residents object, he is set to play five sold out gigs in Dublin on September.