‘How did my daughter die?Libby Squire, mother of her murdered daughter wants to speak face to face with her criminal killer and ask her what her last words were.

  • Lisa Squire’s eldest child, Libby (21), was raped in Hull in 2019.
  • Libby was killed by Polish butcher, Pawel Relowicz who is a married father-of-2.
  • Mother 51 is willing to confront Libby’s murderer because she still has questions
  • Killer Relowicz was jailed for life with a minimum term of 27 years last February 
  • The Maternity Ward Nurse would love to have Relowicz as her companion and ask how daughter died.

Three years ago, a mother to a victim of sexual assault and murder on a night out with friends admitted that she wanted to talk face-to-face with the killer of her child so she could finally get ‘answers’.

Lisa Squire, 51, of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, tragically lost her eldest daughter Libby in February 2019 when she was murdered by Polish butcher Pawel Relowicz, 26. 

She now says she is finally strong enough to learn what actually happened in Libby’s last moments.

Three years ago, the maternity ward nurse was plagued by unanswered questions regarding her daughter’s passing. She now wants Relowicz to tell her what her “last words” were.

Lisa Squire, 51, of High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, tragically lost her eldest daughter Libby (pictured) in February 2019 when she was murdered by Polish butcher Pawel Relowicz, 26

Lisa Squire (51) of High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire lost her eldest girl Libby (pictured), when Pawel Rlowicz, 26, murdered her.

She has now revealed she feels strong enough to find out what happened during Libby's final moments and wants to speak to the depraved killer in person. Pictured: Lisa and Russell Squire

She now says she’s strong enough and able to learn what actually happened in Libby’s last moments. Pictured: Lisa and Russell Squire

Libby was targeted by Relowicz (pictured), who had a history of spying on female students and was on the prowl looking for a vulnerable victim

Relowicz, pictured (above), targeted Libby. Relowicz had a history in spying on female students.

Mrs Squire said: ‘I’d like to sit at a table opposite him and have a cup of coffee with him. Yes, I do.

“I would like to find out what happened in that particular night. I still don’t know what happened. What were Libby’s last words? What caused her death? Was she hit?

She spoke to The Mirror and said: “I want him have to look at my face.”

Relowicz, a husband and father of two, was looking for prey to attack Libby the night that she vanished. 

Libby was a Hull philosophy student. After being separated from her friend’s, she was seen last on a park bench.

Relowicz targeted her because he had a history spying on female students. He was always on the lookout for vulnerable victims. 

The man lured her in his car, drove her to a park nearby and raped it. He then threw her body into the River Hull. Seven weeks later, her body was found in the Hull Estuary. 

Relowicz was sentenced to life imprisonment with a term minimum of 27 years in February 2013. He is now being held at HMP Wakefield.  

After Libby’s passing, Mrs Squire has lobbied politicians for stricter laws on low-level sex offenders in order to stop more serious crimes being committed. 

Frau Squire is also a mother to three teens and has previously encouraged people to report any non-contact minor offences to police to help stop Relowicz, another twisted killer, causing further misery. 

Since Libby's death, Mrs Squire has lobbied politicans for tougher measures on low-level sex offenders to prevent more serious crimes from being committed

Mrs. Squire lobbied politicans to increase the penalties for low-level sex offenders since Libby died. This was in an effort to keep more serious crimes out. 

She stated that she knew Libby was flashed at a couple of weeks to months prior to her death. The incident occurred after a night out in November. I am not certain when. 

‘She told him to ‘p**s off’ basically, and berated him.

“I told her to report it” and she replied, “Oh mom! I gave him a bit of food and said how pathetic he was.” But she didn’t report it.

“And that absolutely haunts my now, because probable or not that he was there.”

Lisa stated that she would like to see early intervention and education at school about flashing, sexual harassment.

Beth, Beth’s younger sister at 19 is set to attend university in September.

She talked to her about reporting minor offenses, and warned that people could be able to go “a little further” each time they do so.

She said, “By reporting this, you’re hopefully stopping the next victim being attacked.’