The mother of the 15-year old boy who dressed in a sleeveless skirt and raped her classmate in the girl’s restroom, and was then charged with the sexual assault of another girl months later, says that her son doesn’t identify as a woman and that it wasn’t just a disguise to get into the girl’s toilet. spoke exclusively with the mother. She asked not to be identified because her son was too young.

She said that he was a 15-year old boy who wanted to have sex in a bathroom with someone that was willing. “And they’re twisting it just enough to make this a political hot topic.

Scott Smith, father of the victim of rape, was dragged out from a school board meeting in June 22nd with a bloodied mouth after listening to school officials denials that a girl was sexually assaulted in a bathroom after his daughter had reported it. 

This case was the defining moment in a heated debate in Loudoun County about transgender students’ rights, and parents’ freedom to speak. 

The school board is routinely accused of pushing a ultra-liberal agenda against parents and children and silence those who disagree.

The scandal made it into Virginia’s race for governor. Glenn Youngkin, Republican candidate for governor, took the case to the Loudon school board and accused them of covering up while warning that ‘What tragedy awaits our kids?’

A judge found the 15-year-old boy (pictured) wearing a skirt guilty last week of sexually assaulting a 15-year-old female classmate in the girls' bathroom at their school. Speaking exclusively with, his mother, who asked not to be identified for the sake of her underage son, defended his actions

The judge found the 15 year-old boy wearing a skirt guilty of sexually assaulting a classmate, 15 years old, in the school’s girls’ restroom. His mother spoke exclusively to and defended him.

The row over transgender policies at Loudoun County, Virginia schools has divided parents and teachers for months and came to a head when the father of a girl who was sexually assaulted in the girl's bathroom by a boy dressed in a skirt was beaten up at a school board meeting. Now the mother of the 15-year-old boy has spoken out to

The dispute over transgender policies in Loudoun County, Virginia schools has been dividing parents and teachers for months. It reached a climax when the father of a girl who was physically assaulted in her girl’s bathroom by an unidentified boy in a skirt was beaten at a school board meeting. has learned that the mother of the boy, aged 15, has spoken out.

Outraged parents are pictured at the meeting where the victim's father was dragged out and arrested. His mother said his actions were that of a heterosexual, hormonal teen, who had consensual sex with the girl twice before

The victim’s father was arrested and dragged from the meeting by his parents, who were outraged. His mother claimed that he was a heterosexual, hormonal teenager who had had consensual sexual sex with the victim twice before.

Despite his androgynous style, and declaration that he’s “pansexual”, the boy’s mother insists that he isn’t the gender fluid boogeyman in culture wars about transgender policies.

She explained that he wore a skirt one day, and then a tee shirt, Polo or hoodie the following day. He was trying find himself and tried many different styles. I believe he did it because it brought him the attention he so desperately needed and sought.

She also acknowledged that her son is troubled and acknowledged his history of misbehavior, including sending nude photos to a fifth-grade girl.   

In October, she reached an breaking point with the man when he called from the juvenile jail after his second arrest.

“He asked me how my day was going and I answered, “I’m broken, I feel shattered, you shattered”,” the mom said. “Do you know what you’ve done for me and your family?”

“And his reply was, “No, how did I do?” She said,

He had made her his main point of contact with his dad, who lived in New Jersey.

“At that point, it was like, “You know what?” She said, “I love you, I always will. I will do all I can to be there for your every need.” “But I told him, ‘You need call your father for now. Do not call me. I need to heal and you need to help me.

It was Sunday, October 10. She did attend his juvenile court appearance on Monday. She sat in a gallery fuming at her father, who showed up with his wife to the juvenile court appearance.

“He had asked me about bringing his wife, and I replied that she was the reason (our son’s life) has been so lacking.” She recalled telling him that she hated her and didn’t want her in the courthouse. “I’m in the middle every day, dealing with three probation officer, detectives and the Commonwealth, and I don’t even know how many lawyers. You’re in your own little safety net in New Jersey.

‘And he didn’t listen to me’, the mother said to, shaking her heads and adding, They even brought a friend.

On October 25, the teen was convicted for the May 28th sexual assault at Stone Bridge High School. The judge’substantiated” the charges of forcible sexual activity and forcible fellatio. This is the juvenile equivalent to a conviction.

He was sent back into juvenile detention pending a hearing on November 15 regarding the second case, which occurred at Broad Run High School, the same county, on October 6, one month after he was transferred there by the district. 

He allegedly pulled a young girl into a classroom and inappropriately touched the girl.

Scott Smith, the victim's father, was pictured with a bloody mouth, being dragged out of a school board meeting on June 22 - a month after the attack - after listening to school officials say no one had been sexually assaulted in the bathrooms when that's what his daughter had reported the previous month

Scott Smith, the victim’s father, was seen with a bloody face being dragged out from a school board meeting on 22 June – one month after the attack. This was after school officials said that no one had been sexually assaulted at the bathrooms, despite his daughter reporting it the previous month.

The victim's parents were ridiculed by the left after her father Scott Smith was pictured being dragged out of a school board meeting on June 22. They say they now feel vindicated

After Scott Smith was pictured being dragged away from a June 22 school board meeting, Scott Smith’s parents were ridiculed. They feel vindicated now, they say.

The details of the scandal gained international attention after they were leaked. Irate parents accused the District of a coverup and questioned how a teen with an pending rape charge was allowed to remain in the district to be a part of another sex crime.

Scott Smith, the father of the first victim, attacked trans bathroom rules. He claimed that it allowed a “gender fluid” boy to enter the bathroom and then rape his daughter. This sparked a national debate about transgender bathroom policies.

From rape and sentencing: Timeline for a teen boy in skirt  

May 28: A 15-year-old girl allegedly raped a female classmate in a girl’s bathroom. She reports it the principal. Superintendent Scott Ziegler sends a confirmation email to colleagues that it has been reported

June 22: Scott Smith, the father of the rape victim, was dragged out of a school board meeting with a bloodied mouth and arrested after listening to school officials say no one had been sexually assaulted in the bathroom after his daughter had reported the rape

July 6: Detectives call the mother of the boy to report his imminent arrest. He is driven down by his mother to the station and spends the next few weeks at the juvenile detention centre in nearby Leesburg.

October 6: A 15-year-old boy changes schools and allegedly drags another girl into a classroom to inappropriately touch her. He is taken into police custody the next day

October 25: Stone Bridge High School teen is found guilty of May 28 sexual assault. The judge’substantiated” the charges of forcible sodomy, forcible fellatio, which is the juvenile equivalent to a conviction. 

October 26: Students stage a walkout of their classrooms in a show of ‘solidarity’ for the victim. Some protestors chanted: Loudoun County Protects Rapists! 

November 15: A skirt-wearing teenager will be sentenced  

Stories about the teen’s history began to surface quickly and spread among parents, activists, and others who wanted to know more about what the district might have done.

One involved a fifth-grade incident, in which the boy was 11, and sent nude photographs of himself to a female classmate. sources claim that police were involved, but that the girl’s parents decided not to pursue charges as long as the district kept him from their daughter.

The mom confirmed the account, but snapped, ‘What the f**k does that have to do with anything?’

She said that politics surrounding the case had gotten outof control.

“What are they trying? She inquired. She asked, “Did they hire a private investigator to find everything and ruin him for his entire life?”

The mother made no secret of the fact her son had been repeatedly suspended for misbehavior, including fist fights with classmates.

“He’s been a very difficult child throughout his entire life, which I have dealt with myself,” the mother stated. “My son has had multiple counseling and therapy. He’s also been treated by friends, school, and family. It’s been 15 years of hell trying get him to do better.

She was born in New Jersey and her son was a baby when her father divorced. She packed up and fled for Virginia in the latter part of 2007.

She enrolled her son in Fairfax County elementary school before moving to Loudoun County. He was smart, she said. He took AP classes, but didn’t do enough homework and got average grades.

She said that he would often act out and that she would do her best to analyze each incident with him.

The mom of the boy sent him the lewd photos in fifth-grade. She said that she had walked him through every photo and message exchange and broken it down.

She recalled telling him, “I was like, “Okay, this is what I sent.” “What were you thinking?” What were your goals? I would then be like, “This disrespectful.” I didn’t teach you to be like that.

The boy would spend Christmas in New Jersey with his father. She explained that after Christmas 2018, he was more assertive than usual and asked to stay with his father and stepmom. He spent the next year in the Garden State. He began having sex at the age of 13 during this period, his mom said.

In June 2020, he moved in with mom. His world collapsed the next year.

The Friday before Memorial Day, the afternoon of May 28, was the day that the rape took place.

His victim admitted that they had previously had sex at the bathroom and that they had arranged to meet again at lunchtime.

Superintendent Scott Ziegler claimed on June 22 that he'd received 'no report' of a sexual assault in the school bathrooms. On May 28, the day it happened, he sent this email to colleagues confirming that it had been reported. 'This afternoon, a female student alleged that a male student sexually assaulted her in the restroom'

Superintendent Scott Ziegler claimed that he had received no report of a sexual assault in school bathrooms on June 22. On May 28, the same day, Ziegler sent this email to his coworkers confirming that he had received a report. “This afternoon, a female student reported that a male student had sex with her in the bathroom.” 

Amanda Shallant (pictured) spoke during a school board meeting last week as she held a sign that read: 'LCPS protects rapists'

Amanda Shallant (pictured), spoke at a school board meeting last Wednesday as she held a sign reading: ‘LCPS protects Rapists’

According to her testimony, he followed them into a stall where she said she wasn’t in the mood for sex. He then threw her onto the floor and forced her perform sex acts.

According to court reports, she said that he had flipped her over. ‘I was on my knees and couldn’t move. He sexually assaulted and assaulted me.

She said that he only stopped after someone entered.

She reported it, and an investigation began.

Later that day, the boy’s mother was summoned to school. She told them about an incident involving her child.

She was not given all details and left the school unaware of what he had done. 

So she took her son to the library nearby and sat down on a bench for him to ask questions.

“And so, I got his story,” the mom said. ‘At that point, I was like, okay, well this is going to be a sh*tstorm.’

The teen told his mother all about his past ‘hookups with the girl’ and noted that on May 28, he was planning to get back together in the bathroom.

Loudoun County Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler apologized for failing to provide a 'safe' environment for students

Scott Ziegler, Loudoun County Schools Superintendent apologized for failing provide a safe environment for students   

But she was still sick that day. His mom told him that he’d taken her to the bathroom earlier in day to make sure she was fine.

According to, the mom said that her daughter was not feeling well and that’s why they went to the bathroom for the first time that day. “He was worried about her, he asked her how she was feeling and touched her forehead to bring water.

According to the son they had sex after school.

“He’d mentioned something about hooking-up with her, said that they’d discussed the topic that day, and that she was wanty-washy. She was like, yeah. I still don’t feel good, we’ll be watching,” the mom recalled.

He followed her into the toilet a second time that day.

“It started with her asking her if she’s okay and she responding that she was feeling much more positive than this morning,” she said, relaying the story from her son. He advanced.

He described the rape as an accident and told his mother that he didn’t mean to insert himself into her anus. He was shocked when it caused her pain.

“He claimed he was going to vaginal, but it ended up for 10 second as anal,” the mom recalled.

She said, “He knew she was in pain.” “He said, “Are your okay?” She said that it hurt. And he was like, what kind?

She believed her son’s version.

She stated, “He was showing genuine concern.”

She continued to berate the girl, even though a judge had found her son guilty.

She stated, “If I was in an area where I was about be raped I would be screaming and kicking, all the time.” “You’re 15. You can defend yourself reasonably. You are not going to just sit there and take it. Because there was no fight, he felt it was okay for him to keep going.

She said that the girl didn’t report it immediately. The mom stated that the girl first went to study hall and told a friend about the incident. The girlfriend became furious and confronted the victim. He confronted the victim and asked him what he’d heard. She reported the rape to her principal’s office a short time later.

The boy’s mother went with him to school the next Tuesday. She said that the principal brought up another topic, her son’s gender identity. At the time, he was wearing an evening gown. reported that Stone Bridge’s principal was trying to delicately tap-dance the sensitive situation. ‘So I was like ‘;’Alright. Can you please just ask me the question you want?’;

“That’s when he was like: “Oh, well. What does he identify himself as?”She recalled.

She replied, “He identifies with male.”

He told her, “Oh, that’s all we knew.” “And I said, “Did anybody ever question?”;

Gender identity would become a key issue in the public sphere. Conservative activists highlighted her son’s transgender bathroom as an example of why transgender bathrooms were dangerous.

She found it disturbing and offensive. ‘First, he’s not transgender.’ She stated that. “And I think this is all doing a disservice to students who identify themselves as transgender.”

She explained that although her son was indeed wearing skirts, he didn’t identify as a woman and it wasn’t just a disguise to slip into a girl’s bathroom.

She explained that he would wear a skirt on one day and then a t-shirt the next. Then he would wear jeans, a Polo, or a hoodie on the other. He was trying find himself and tried many different styles. I believe he did it because it brought him the attention he so desperately needed and sought.   

Scott Mineo with Parents Against Critical Race Theory puts signs in the ground as people gather to protest at the Loudoun County school board meeting last week

Scott Mineo, from Parents Against Critical Race Theory, places signs in ground during protests at the Loudoun County school board meeting last Wednesday 

The detective called the mother of the boy on July 6 to inform her that he was about to be arrested. She drove him to the station. He spent the next few weeks at the juvenile jail in Leesburg, where he was able to speak with her twice a week via Skype and phone.

She spent weeks trying and resolving his behavior issues after his release in late juillet. reported that she worked hard reading books and digging through bags to address any demons he may harbor towards his father, towards my life, and towards me to get him to do better. “We spent the whole summer, every single day. I’m referring to 15 years of his life, breaking up the incident and breaking down consideration and respect with women.

Juvenile Court judge Pamela Brooks agreed with the girl and her parents, saying there was enough evidence to prove the teen boy - who is also charged in another sexual assault - forced himself on her

Pamela Brooks, a judge at Juvenile Court, agreed with the girl’s parents and said there was enough evidence for the teen boy to force her on her. He is also charged with another sexual assault.

August was the time to get ready for school. The court had ordered him to not return to Stone Bridge.

“I asked my attorney and noted that the court order forbids him from returning to Stone Bridge. What are I doing for school?” My lawyer said, “Woo, good question.”

She stated that she had spoken with Stone Bridge’s principal and was told that he was still waiting for him to return. Later, she spoke with Dr. Douglas Fulton who is the Loudoun County School Board’s director for school administration.

She recalled that Fulton informed her about Title 9, Title 9 and LCPS’ role within Title 9. He informed me that my son could return to Stone Bridge as LCPS could not conduct an investigative or determine disciplinary action until the law enforcement component was complete.

She said, “And thus ensued this discussion in which I’m stuck between the two of them.” “I’ve got Virginia’s judicial side citing a court order and saying that judicial trumps Virginia’s education department. And I was like, no. The education department is under the executive. Y’all cannot trump one another.

She added that “They weren’t communicating at any time.” “So I was like you guys need to communicate. It was so.

She said that her son was transferred to Broad Run by the district. He missed the first 10 days of school because everything was settled.

She made arrangements to meet with the new principal.

‘So we finally had that meeting and then…, ‘ she said. Her voice tried to escape.. but she alluded the October 6 incident involving their son.

She claimed that her son allegedly dragged the girl into a classroom and inappropriately touched the girl. Police were called and he was detained the next day. His mother claimed that she wasn’t notified until that evening.

She said they were likely to delay alerting her because of their ‘quick processing’ of second incident.

However, she isn’t sure how to interpret the charges. She respects the lead detective in this case and doesn’t doubt that there was an incident.

She said, “I didn’t hear my son’s side of it because I was being hauled to JDC before we could talk to each other.”

Since then, the media has been abuzz about the case.’s She said that she and her knew that transgender policy had been a hot topic for nearly ten years. ‘Parents were looking to find that one case and that piece of evidence that showed that boys would use this to rape daughters. This has been a constant theme since transgender identification was considered a policy possibility. It was so.

National attention was drawn to the decision by Scott Smith, father of the first victim to publicly lash back.

Parents stood outside a school board meeting last week holding placards that read: 'Protect girls not gender' and' 'women and girls are not collateral damage'

Last week, parents gathered at a school board meeting to hold placards reading: ‘Protect Girls not Gender’ and Women and Girls are not collateral Damage’

She had strong words of support for him and his associates.

She said that he was shocked to hear about the second incident after he had been informed by informal channels that it was the same boy. He was determined to not be silenced and let the world know that his daughter had been raped by a transgender boy who took advantage of transgender policies and that LCDS must reverse those policies.

She also accused Smith family members of leaking secret information.

“So between Scott getting all riled up from being in his position [and leaked information]It was inevitable that this would spread like wildfire,” she said.

It has made her community the center of a cultural war over transgender policies, with district protests and walkouts, as well as demands for resignations.

“Everyone in this county is afraid of sneezing wrong if there’s any kind of connection to the case, afraid that it’s going ruin their career,” she stated.

“What’s the end game on this?” She continued. “My son will be on the sexual registry and committed to Meghan’s Law for life, because he had 15 year-old hormones,” she said.

After two weeks of silence she finally spoke with her son on Sunday night. She explained that she needed to ask her son some questions in order to prepare for a meeting about his Individualized Education Program. It quickly turned ugly when she brought up her dad.

“I asked him if it was his father talking to him and how that was going,” she replied. “And he was like, it was nice feeling that he had his dad’s back while other people had their backs fallen off,” she said.

She said, “It was another sharp punch to my gut,” I asked him again if he had any idea what he’d done. He said no. I was like, “Dude, you don’t know what’s happening.”