Mother-of-three hits out at the ‘inhumane’ conditions in her council house after she was left without a ROOF for three weeks and forced to go to the toilet in a bucket

  • Erith woman, from south-east London was critical of the Tory-run Bexley Council 
  • She stated that scaffolding was used in September to replace the roof on the house.
  • They also had to repair the plumbing and use a bucket for a toilet.
  • This woman is not willing to give her name, but she lives with her children.
  • Labour councillor Nicola Taylor was shocked to see state of property 

After being left without a roof in her house for three weeks, a mother of three was furious and had to resort to a bucket to go potty.

South-east London woman, Erith, asked to remain anonymous. She criticised Conservative-run Bexley Council, saying that she left her children in ‘tears’.

She needed urgent work done to repair the chimney stack of her council-owned apartment. In September, scaffolding was used for the replacement.

Plumbing was also damaged, so the family used a bucket to go to the bathroom.

Mother also claimed that the property had been ‘infested by mice’.

Because of her safety concerns, she said that she declined an offer to stay in a different hostel.

A mother-of-three has hit out at the 'inhumane' conditions at her home after she was left without a roof for three weeks - and forced to use a bucket as a toilet

After being without a roof for three consecutive weeks, a mother of three was furious at the conditions in her house. She had to go on the toilet using a bucket.

Urgent building work to fix the chimney stack in her council-owned accommodation meant scaffolding was used to replace the roof in September

It was urgent work that needed to be done in order to fix her chimney in the council-owned housing. She used scaffolding to replace the roof in September

She said that the incident left her in tears, with her belongings damaged and the family feeling cold.

Photos show how plastic sheets and scaffolding were substituted for the roof.

This happened when building surveyors found a structural problem caused by dry-rot, which required immediate repair.

Mother said that the flat was in disrepair, and it was facing many problems.

“My youngest child used to cry. It was not something she liked. It was unlivable.

“Everything was damaged by water.” This is an absolute condition.

“The wind was blowing through the plastic and they did not secure it, so it was open.”

“This was a multi agency failure. It is truly disgusting that children can be treated this way in today’s world.

“The reality that my children went through what they did is horrible.”

The mother said the situation left the family cold, her property damaged and her children in tears. Pictures show scaffolding and plastic sheets were used in place of the removed roof.

Mother said that the incident left the children and family feeling cold. Photos show how plastic sheets and scaffolding were installed to replace the damaged roof.

The three youngest children of their mother, who is now eighteen, spent some time in the capital with family members.

Their mother claims that the experience has “disrupted” their education and “affected their behavior.”

After local opposition councillors intervened, she has moved temporarily.

She said, “To be truthful, I wondered: How did it get to this?”

“My children were crying. I did not have the answers.

It’s a terrible feeling to know that I can’t provide their essential needs.

“And going to the bathroom in a bucket was just cruel.”

Once repairs are complete, she is expected to return to her home in late February.

The mother said: 'The flat was in a state of disrepair and there was no end of problems. My youngest daughter used to just cry. She really didn't like it. It was not liveable'

According to the mother, “The apartment was in terrible condition and was facing many problems.” My youngest daughter would cry. This was something my youngest daughter didn’t enjoy. It wasn’t liveable.

Nicola Taylor (Labour councillor) became involved after the victim visited her constituency office. She said that she was stunned by the property’s condition and decided to help the Taylor family get to safety.

“As I become more involved with this case I have serious concerns about the property’s quality and whether they will be suitable for my residents.

“I am still unable to get maintenance reports or surveyors so I question if the council is spending taxpayers’ money properly.”

Bexley Council is being contacted.