Two-year-old mother of two shared horrifying photos showing the horrific injuries her partner inflicted on her face and nose. He then held his hand above her mouth, causing her to lose her ability to breathe.

Rebecca Mavin (27), took to Facebook to share distressing photos of her injuries, including bruises on her face and a swelling lip. She also had cuts to her throat.

Ex-partner Craig Pilkington, 34, will not serve any prison time for the attack after being handed a 20-week suspended jail sentence when he pleaded guilty to a single count of assault by beating at Llandudno Magistrates’ Court on October 22.

Pilkington, of Ffordd Y Mynach, was also ordered to pay fines totalling £920 and was made subject of a restraining order.

But Ms Mavin said that the sentence was a “failure in the system” and that it is too soft for the man who put her on the ground and bit her nose.

Rebecca Mavin, 27, shared pictures of her horrific injuries, including cuts and bruises to her face, on Facebook

Rebecca Mavin (27) shared images of her terrible injuries via Facebook.

Ms Mavin said the 20-week suspended jail sentence handed to her former partner is a 'failure of the legal system'

Ms Mavin claimed that her 20-week suspension sentence in jail handed out to her ex partner was a ‘failure within the legal system.

Ms Mavin, from Colwyn Bay in north Wales, has spoken out about the injuries she suffered during an unprovoked attack at the hands of her ex-partner

Ms Mavin is a Colwyn Bay resident in north Wales. She has opened up about her injuries sustained during an unprovoked attack by her ex-partner

She now courageously spoke out about the horrible ordeal she endured at Pilkington’s hands and how disappointed she was in the justice process.

Ms. Mavin recalls seeing “glimpses” of Pilkington’s violent nature early in their relationship. But, because she had known Pilkington for years, stories about him were just lies told by an ex-partner.

The couple was on their way to Ms Mavin when the incident occurred.

She arrived at Pilkington’s house and started to open her front door. Pilkington then pounced on her and tore her apart before “biting her face”. 

Ms Mavin replied, “I begged him not to continue. To which he started to bite my nose and face.

“I started screaming and shouting for help. At that moment, he attempted to silence me by covering my mouth and tightening my neck.

‘I’ve never been so scared in my life and I thought “this is it he’s going to kill me”. This vile and unprovoked attack on my children could have killed me.

Craig Pilkington from Mochdre, Conwy, was handed a 20-week suspended jail sentence for a single count of assault by beating at Llandudno Magistrates' Court on October 22

Craig Pilkington of Mochdre in Conwy was given a suspended sentence of 20 weeks for an assault by beating charge at Llandudno Magistrates Court on October 22nd.

A neighbor heard Pilkington’s screams and saved her.

Pilkington fled the scene after the neighbor unlocked the door.

The neighbour allowed Ms Mavin to enter their house and called the police. However, after realizing that her ex-partner had stolen the keys and left them behind in the street, the neighbor realized she didn’t have the keys.

She continued: ‘People need to know, it’s not acceptable for a male to hit a female, and it’s okay for females to speak out about it.

‘He pleaded guilty for the charges against him, and was still only given such a lenient sentence, what’s it going to take?

I understand that the sentence is more severe than the actual punishment, however, he should have been imprisoned and had the keys destroyed. This makes me feel as though the justice system has let us down, along with many other people.

‘This man threw me across my garden, pinned me down on the floor, got on top of me, bit my nose and face, and then pursued to put his hand over my mouth and neck until I couldn’t breathe.’

Ms. Mavin feels lucky to be alive and that the outcome of the incident could have been worse.

Her goal is to increase awareness and prevent such an event from occurring again.   

Christine, Christine’s mother, shared the photos online first.

She wrote: ‘As a mum, it’s the worst when you get the call from the police…

“I struggled for months with this issue as a parent.

“But Becky (Rebecca), you stood up to every woman who had suffered violence abuse.

“You’re loved deeply by your family, and you have many friends who will be there for all of your needs.

‘I’m am extremely proud of your resilience despite your mental suffering and facial scars to stand up for what you believe in to help others, And you will always be my world.’