These are the terrible shotgun wounds a mother received when her two brothers tried and killed her while she was making cottage pie in her home.

Emma Robinson was hit through the window of her Newcastle home by gunmen Thomas Lee (21 years old) and James Lee (27 years old), in apparent revenge for a dispute between her and her son.

Miss Robinson was in her kitchen on October 3, at 10:10 pm, when she heard a loud bang. She felt her kitchen window break before feeling something hitting her back.

After the conviction of their mother by Newcastle Crown Court jurors, the Lees brothers face lengthy prison sentences.

These are the horrendous shotgun wounds that a mother suffered when her brothers tried to kill it as she made cottage pie in her kitchen.

Emma Robinson was in her kitchen on a Saturday night when she heard a loud bang and her kitchen window breaking before feeling something hit the side of her face and back

Emma Robinson was in her kitchen Saturday night when she heard a loud bang. Her kitchen window was breaking. She felt something hit her side and back.

James Lee, 27 of Henry Nelson Street, South Shields

Thomas Lee, 21, of no fixed address

Emma Robinson was hit through the window by Thomas Lee & James Lee gunmen in apparent revenge for a fight between the Lees & her son.

They were cleared of the attempted murder of Jordan King, their cousin around 26 hours after Miss Robinson was killed. But they were found guilty for trying to wound King with intent by firing a gun at him.

James Lee was also found guilty of possessing ammunition after he was imprisoned for nine month in 2017 for religious or racist aggravated harassment.

Next week, Thomas Lee, of no fixed address, and James Lee, of Henry Nelson Street South Shields, will both be sentenced. They will receive substantial prison sentences.

Jurors were told Miss Robinson was in Fordmoss Walk’s Kitchen when the window behind it smashed. She felt pain in her back, arm, and face.

She was shot, but she didn’t realize what had happened.

Miss Robinson stated, “I was making cottage pie at home, facing the microwave.”

“I heard a loud bang, but I don’t know what kind of bang it was. But I could hear the glass simultaneously.”

“I felt something hitting my side, and I turned around and it’s clearly caught my back.

“I went straight to the living area. There was glass everywhere.

When she was asked to elaborate on the bang, her response was: “It was an echo-type thing then I felt something hitting my face but I don’t know if it’s the glass or some other and something hit the top my back.”

She stated that she was still in shock at the time. It sinks in when you consider that it could’ve been really severe.

Simon Myerson, QC, prosecuting said: “She briefly caught sight of someone with broad shoulders outside of the window, dressed in all black at the side exterior the kitchen window, and she thought it might be a man.

“She couldn’t think of any reason anyone would do it.”

They were cleared of trying to murder their cousin, Jordan King, around 26 hours after shooting Miss Robinson

Around 26 hours after Miss Robinson was shot, they were cleared of the attempted murder of Jordan King, their cousin.

James Lee was also convicted of possessing ammunition when prohibited due to the fact it was within five years of him being imprisoned for nine months in 2017 for religious or racially aggravated harassment

James Lee was also convicted for possessing ammunition even though it was prohibited within five years of his 2017 imprisonment for religious or racially aggrieved harassment.

Picture shows a police pursuit after Jordan King was shot at

Picture of a police pursuit following the shooting at Jordan King

Mr Myerson said that anyone setting out to fire in the dark at the kitchen would have known that it was not an empty room and that there was a woman present.

At 1.35am on October 5, King was at his St Keverne Square flat, just a mile from Fordmoss Walk, and was shot.

Mr Myerson stated that it was not necessary for prosecution to prove a motive for attacks, but told the jury that Jordan King was shot because he had an argument. Emma Robinson was also shot because Thomas Lee and his father had been involved earlier in October 3.

“On October 3, Thomas Lee was seen screaming in anger outside his father’s house. He said on the phone, “I’ve done people’s knees before, and I’ve used the gun.”

“It appears that these shootings were motivated by revenge and because they were angry.”