One mother has spoken out about her life with an ex-boyfriend, who caused permanent numbness to her face and left her feeling helpless.

After an attack unprovoked by Anthony Martin, Ellie Fairhurst held onto her baby and said she felt let down by the justice systems. Her attacker received a suspended sentence.

Martin menaced to throw acid into her face if she didn’t tell anyone, and she cowered in terror as she hid in terror.

After Martin’s violent attack on her during an argument, 27-year-old mother of one spoke out. Martin was only a few steps away from being sentenced.

In her victim impact statement, she described Kinmel Bay’s father-of-7, 35, as a “real danger to women”. This was then read out to the court.

Ellie posted photos of Martin’s injuries to her that were displayed in court this week. She also explained how Martin’s abuse made her look like a shadow of her former self.

Ellie Fairhurst

Ellie Fairhurst

Mother Ellie Fairhurst (27) has opened up about the ‘life hell’ she lived with a violent ex boyfriend. He left her with permanent numbness after an attack on her face in jealous rage.

Ellie says she was holding her child when her partner Anthony Martin viciously attacked her

Ellie claimed she was just holding her child, when Anthony Martin attacked her viciously.

She stated that she was afraid for her life after being attacked.

“Anthony continued shouting at me. The one that sticks with me is “if you scream I’ll finish it” while standing above me and holding my baby who was crying from exhaustion.

I couldn’t reach out for help as I was not sure what the next step would be. It is hard to imagine what could have happened, but I do not know how my son would react if he was left without his mummy.

“The unprovoked attack continues to haunt me today and will continue to haunt me for the rest of my life.” It was difficult to keep my mouth shut in my own house, while in great pain.

Martin, who was also accused of cultivating cannabis and siphoning power, pleaded guilty earlier this week to common assault.

The sentence was suspended for 24 months. He is required to work unpaid 200-hours and take anger management classes.

More than 18 months on from the attack, Ellis is strill receiving treatment for her eye which hemorrhaged after violent Martin punched her in the face during a row in June last year

Ellis, 18 months after the attack is over, continues to receive treatment for the eye that she suffered from bleeding in her face when violent Martin punched it in her face in June 2013.

Pictured: Anthony Martin was handed a 24-month suspended sentence at court this week

Picture: This week, Anthony Martin received a suspended sentence of 24 months at the court

Ellie is from Kinmel Bay and was protected by a lifetime restraint order.

She cried and asked how he had gotten off so easily.

She said that after her sentencing hearing she was feeling completely depressed and will no longer be silent as I’ve been told to for 18 months.

Ellie described how Ellie saw “outbursts” and “abusive behaviour” within their six-month relationship.

She stated that although the attack was not the first she did not forgive her for failing to scream for help in the night of or several months prior when Anthony’s controllable, aggressive behaviour became apparent.

“Truth is told, I believed that this man could kill me. He threatened to do it countless times during my time with him.”

Pictured: a bruise left on Ellie's arm

Photo: Ellie has a nasty bruise on his arm

“Therefore, I was far too scared to do anything about him.” He was completely uncaring about other people.

Ellie was punched in the face by Martin. She went to Glan Clwyd to have her right vision examined. She had an eye hemorhage after she suffered from a fractured nasal wall.

As a consequence, she required specialist treatment at Abergele Eye Hospital.

“It was difficult for me to face up to the fact that I had been hurt, and I felt like I was a victim, and a shadow of who I used be,” she confessed.

Ellie had been to several doctors after experiencing persistent numbness in one side of her cheek, and also stinging sensations around her eyes.

The doctor told her that it was extremely unlikely that she will ever feel normal again, and that the situation could get worse.

Elle added that she would continue fighting to improve for her son’s sake because he is entitled to the best mother I can be.

‘I won’t forget this terrible memory. I believe it will have an impact on me for the rest of my life. I was transformed by it.

“The only thing I can live with is the physical reminder that he has left me.