A police officer was found having sex in a Welsh park with a woman while on duty. He admitted gross misconduct after the woman confessed to him that he loved ‘a man in uniform.

  • Barry 52-year-old PC Andrew Legg secretly met a woman at Porthkerry Country Park.
  • Disciplinary hearing heard he drove to park at 11pm in an unmarked police car
  • He had sexual relations with a woman in a park, and then again about ten days later when he was on duty at her house.
  • Chief constable Jeremy Vaughan claimed that PC Legg was to be fired
  • However the traffic officer resigned five days before the disciplinary hearing

Gross misconduct was admitted by a police officer who had secretly been having sex with a Welsh man in a country park. 

Andrew Legg, PC, picked the woman up from Home Bargain and drove her to Barry in an unmarked police vehicle.

South Wales Police Traffic Officer arranged for the meet-up after the woman, whom he’d met online. He messaged the woman to tell him that he loved a uniformed man.

They reunited two weeks later after PC Legg, a Police Officer on Duty drove to the women’s home on her police bike. 

PC Legg was caught by a police tracker who revealed that the trysts were secret.

He admitted to police standards chiefs that he had been ‘stupid’ and said there  ‘absolutely no excuse’ for his ‘very unprofessional behaviour’.

PC Legg quit days before the hearing in which it was ruled that PC Legg would be fired for gross misconduct.

PC Andrew Legg picked up the woman from a Home Bargain store before whisking her off in an unmarked police car to Porthkerry Country Park in Barry

Andrew Legg from Home Bargain picked up the lady and took her in an unmarked Police car to Porthkerry Country Park, Barry.

At the hearing, he described how he first met Miss A (referred to as Miss A) online. He then made arrangements to meet Miss A in person.

Michael Owens, detective inspector said that he told Michael Owens that he used to wear uniforms with handcuffs. She believed that he was a cop.

He was accused of parking an unmarked police vehicle outside her Home Bargains shop and then taking her to Porthkerry Country Park, Barry, for consensual sexual sex. 

A misconduct panel was notified that the woman had messaged PC Legg, saying “I love a man wearing uniform.”

In one message she described him as ‘sexy as f***’ to which he replied: ‘Okey dokey.’

PC Legg met her two weeks later at her home in her police uniform.

DI Owens claimed that “He went to the house of Miss A and went into her bedroom. He took off his police uniform. And he had consensual sexual interaction with her.”

He replied later by text that she looked sexy wearing his uniform. I was stunned by how you dressed up.  

Miss A asked PC Legg: “Do you frequently show up at your meetings in uniform like this?” PC Legg replied that he didn’t.

Although PC Legg was unable to attend, Danny Ahearn (police federation representative) said that he had accepted gross misconduct.

Ahearn stated that he apologises and sincerely regrets the inconvenience he caused South Wales Police officers and his family.

He has not been accused of any misconduct in the past. He was remorseful and didn’t want his career to be ended this way.

Chief constable Jeremy Vaughan claimed that PC Legg could have been fired if he had not resigned less than five days before this hearing.

Chief constable Jeremy Vaughan from South Wales Police (pictured: A South Wales Police HQ) said PC Legg would have been dismissed had he not resigned five days before the hearing

South Wales Police Chief Constable Jeremy Vaughan (pictured: South Wales Police HQ). He said that PC Legg would be dismissed if he hadn’t resigned just five days prior to the hearing.

He stated that he was satisfied the act had been planned, intentional, directed, targeted, and executed and therefore has higher levels of accountability.

“The behavior was repeated even though former PC Legg ought to have realized that it was inappropriate.

Former PC Legg was on duty when he did it, and this is what he did to me as well the rest of us. 

“Instead of maintaining our roads safe, he wanted to follow a conduct that took him out of those duties.

“This is totally unacceptable, and it is already too late. He was serving in the military, so I have no doubt that I would be able to make a decision on his dismissal.

He added: ‘The vast majority of the 5,500 officers and staff who work for South Wales Police conduct themselves impeccably and work tirelessly to protect the public, those very few who choose the breach the standards expected of them undermine the public’s trust in policing there is no room for this type of conduct in South Wales Police.’

PC Legg was also put on the Police Barred List, which prohibits him from accepting another police role in England or Wales.