Mud pack! Moment Five-year-old girl covers herself with leaves and muck as her mother attempts to shop for her

  • Five-year old Olivia covers her face with leaves during a walk through the park
  • A young girl picks up some leaves to throw over her face, before she looks at a mother. 
  • Stacey Mitchell (Glenrothes), Scotland, shot scenes on November 12,

The comical scene in which a five year-old girl covers her face with leaves and dirt after she was taken for a short walk by her mother is this.

Stacey Mitchell (from Glenrothes Scotland) was on her journey to Matalan when she took a walk in the park near her home.

However, Olivia was just moments away from entering a fight with her younger brother in mud and ended up with a coat full of mud.

Five-year-old Olivia looks at her mother Stacey after covering her face with mud and leaves at a park in Glenrothes, Scotland

After covering her face in mud and leaves, five-year-old Olivia looked at Stacey at home after she covered her face at Glenrothes park, Scotland.

The young girl rubs the mud all over her face as her mother tells her their plans to go to the shop may no longer be possible

As her mother informs her, the plans she had for her daughter to visit the shop are no more possible, the young girl starts to lick the dirt off her face.

The footage was captured November 12 and shows her staring at her mother, five years old after she covered her face in mud.

As her mother says, ‘I have a lot of leaves. The little girl grabs a bunch and throws it over her face. I am finished. Am done. was planning to go to Matalan but I don’t think that’s possible now.’

As the child gathers more leaves, Stacey continues: ‘I can’t look at you for laughing.’    

Social media users were quick to praise Stacey’s calm demeanour and cool manner, one even calling her the “best mom ever”.

One user said, “Try it if mom!” It does wonders!

One other commentator said: “Bairns have no fear.”

The five-year-old scoops up a pile of leaves from the ground and pours them over her face

A pile of leaves is picked up by the five-year-old and poured over her face

Mother Stacey Mitchell, from Glenrothes, Scotland, tells her daughter: 'I can't look at you for laughing'

Mother Stacey Mitchell from Glenrothes in Scotland tells her daughter, ‘I can’t look at your for laughing.

Most social media users praised Stacey for her calm and cool demeanour, with one calling her the 'best mom ever'

Stacey’s calm, cool personality was highly praised by many social media users.

Another social media user said: “Love it, children being kids.”

One said that it washes away and will remain etched in your memory for a lifetime. Good parenting. Stacey, you are a great parent. 

A social media platform wrote that it was a “criticism” but did not say how the project got to this point without anyone noticing. It could be dog excrement. Your child could have gone blind. This could have happened to your child. This is a terrible idea.

Stacey said that it ended exactly as she had started. She took the video so that she could see it when her age comes. 

“She’s fine, no dog mess or anything. This is something she can look at and remember that I do not mind her having fun.