It’s okay to feel guilty about your furry friend! After chewing on the Angel from the Christmas Tree, Bernese Mountain Dog laughs!

  • One family found their Christmas tree decorations ruined.
  • TikTok posted the video, which went viral. It showed the dog in his guilty face. 
  • The dog didn’t want to look at the owner after seeing the ruined decoration.

The dog will teach you everything you need to know about festive mistakes, including breaking precious jewels or lighting the turkey.  

In a hilarious viral video, Irish TikTok user Joey Doheny has revealed how his Bernese Mountain Dog named Brodie reacated when confronted for chewing the fairy from the top of the Christmas tree. 

Brodie found the angel lying on the ground with its skirts in an tangle.

Brodie was not reprimanded. Instead, he quickly glanced guiltily at the camera. His owner attempted to show the object to him but he refused.  

Joey posted a TikTok clip of his pet looking guilty. The video quickly gained over 4000 likes.

Brodie, the dog from Ireland was excited to see his owner walk in the room just moments before being found out

Brodie, an Irish dog who was just a few moments away from being found, was thrilled to see his owner enter the room.

Brodie was quickly confronted with the Christmas angel that he had destroyed earlier on in the day

Brodie was immediately confronted quickly with the Christmas angel, which he had earlier destroyed.

The doll was a sweet Christmas tree topper that had had its skirts ripped after being played with by Brodie

Brodie had played with the doll and it was now a cute Christmas tree topper. The skirts had been ripped.

Joey is seen in the video heading towards Brodie, a cheerful and exuberant Brodie. He then spots the angel roughed up on the ground. 

Brodie took the ornament and picked it up. He then turned his back in shame.

Joey confronted Brodie about his role in the doll catastrophe and he exclaimed, “Brodie!” Brodie, the little angel under the tree, I’m shocked you could do that! 

The dogs were quickly defended by commenters.

Brodie could barely look at what he's done when Joey showed him the damage that had been done

Brodie couldn’t look at the damage Joey had done, and he was unable to even blink.

A person stated, “As the dog’s lawyer, it is impossible to confirm nor discredit the events that led up to the decapitation and killing of the angel.” My client has no comment.’

One person said that if there was no eye contact, it wouldn’t have happened.

The third author wrote: “Dogs don’t stop surprising me. How do they learn to ignore their destruction?”

Joey's Tiktok followers were quick to come to Brodies defence and say that being cute mad him innocent

Joey’s Tiktok friends were quick to defend Brodies and declare that he is innocent for being so cute