Following a diagnosis of a genetic mutation which put her at high risk of getting cancer, a mom-of-three had her breasts removed and her womb removed.

Haley Kelly (27), Fernandina beach, Florida lost her great-grandmother, who died from ovarian cancer, and grandmother, Haley Kelly (27) to breast cancer.

When she was nine-years-old her mother was diagnosed with stage four ovarian cancer, and tests revealed she had the BRCA1 mutation, meaning Haley had a 50 per cent chance of inheriting it. 

Haley was 20 when she discovered her own gene. After reuniting as high school sweethearts, the couple decided to begin and finish their family soon so she could undergo surgery to end her pregnancy.

Haley, who had three children with her husband, underwent surgery at age 27 to remove breast tissue, ovaries fallopian tubes and cervix. 

Haley Kelly, 27, had her breasts and womb removed after finding out she had the BRCA mutation, which meant she had a high risk of developing cancer. Pictured two days post op

Haley Kelly (27 years old) had her breasts and womb surgically removed when she discovered she had the BRCA gene mutation. This meant that she was at high risk of getting cancer. This is two days after her operation.

Haley with her husband, Ty, and three children, Kannon, left, Kash, middle, and Kolbie, right

Haley, her husband Ty, and her three children Kannon, Kash and Kolbie.

Recalling her mother’s diagnosis with cancer, Haley said: ‘She was tested for the BRCA mutation given our family’s extensive history.

She said, “That’s when we discovered our BRCA 1 mutation and had a 50% chance that it would be passed on to us.” 

‘I felt very scared at the beginning, but it wasn’t really hit home until my positive test.

‘I was afraid about what that might mean for me in terms finding a husband and having children.

Haley is currently a registered nurse and decided at 20 to test for gene mutations. This can raise the likelihood of developing breast cancer up to 80%, and increase your risk of developing ovarian cancer to approximately half the rate.

Unfortunately, the genetic mutation was also discovered in her.

Ty, who was her high school sweetheart and had split two years before, was the first one she reached out. He was hugely supportive, even though he had been a great support.

Pictured prior to her huge operation, where she had both breasts and her womb removed, after finding out she had the gene mutation

This is her before her big operation. She had her breasts removed after learning that she has the gene mutation.

Haley in hospital, before her surgery to remove both her breasts and her womb

Haley said: 'I felt very nervous, my biggest fear obviously was that they were going to go in there to remove everything and find cancer already beginning to grow'

Haley shared that she was nervous about the prospect of being removed from the hospital and found cancer growing.

According to her, “We actually met at my junior prom and went together.”

“We had not spoken for over a year when I was diagnosed.

“We restored our relationship within a short time after my discovery, and the rest is history!”

They were married in July 2016, and they decided to have children immediately.

Haley stated that if Haley wanted to have children (especially multiples), she knew it was best for her to get them when she was younger.

“We had Kash at 23 years old, Kannon at 25 and Kolbie in 26.

Haley was told that the 'rule of thumb' was to have surgery 10 years before the youngest diagnosis in her family, which was her mum at 34

At 24, Haley then based her decision on this rule of thumb to prevent cancer from getting her

Haley received a rule of thumb that she should have surgery at least 10 years prior to the youngest possible diagnosis. This was Haley’s mum’s 34-year-old mother. Nine days after the operation.

Haley said she knew if they wanted children, especially multiple children, they needed to have them while she was young because of the diagnosis

Haley stated that she understood from the start that if she and her husband wanted to have children (especially multiples), they would need them as soon as she was young.

Kolbie was just three months old when I had my double mastectomy, hysterectomy according to plan.

“We felt at ease about the loss of our biological children.

“Our family was complete without her, so we booked the surgery.”

Haley was informed that her ‘rule-of-thumb’ was to undergo surgery at least 10 years before her youngest family member, her mother who was only 34.

She stated, “That would leave me only at 24,.”

Because I was certain I wanted to have children, I realized this couldn’t be done. So I closely monitored my pregnancy and kept them as close as I could after my marriage.

“Knowing it was coming, is what scared my heart. So I took the necessary steps to stop cancer from taking over my body.

The first person Haley reached out to when she found out the bad news was her high school sweetheart, Ty, as although they had broken up over two years earlier

Haley found the news devastating and reached out immediately to Ty, her high school sweetheart. Although they were apart for two years, Haley was still in love with Ty.

Haley and husband Ty pictured in high school

The couple met when they were only 16 and now have three children together

According to her, they first met as teenagers and attended junior prom together. They hadn’t spoken in over a year by the time she was diagnosed.

Haley had Kash, left, when she was 23, Kannon when she was 25, and Kolbie when she was 26

Haley was 23 when Kash was left and Kannon was 25 when she turned 25, and Kolbie was 26 when she went to Kolbie.

The mother-of-three had the double mastectomy and hysterectomy on schedule when Kolbie was only three months old

Kolbie was three months old and the mother-of-three underwent the double mastectomy, followed by hysterectomy.

How does the BRCA gene affect cancer risk?

An inherited mutation of the BRCA gene, as Angelina Jolie famously carries, significantly increases the chances that a woman will develop breast carcinoma in her lifetime. This can range from 12 percent to 90 percent. 

A BRCA gene mutation can increase the risk of breast cancer and ovarian carcinoma in between one and 800 women and one to 1,000 women. 

BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes produce tumour suppressor proteins. Mutations in these genes can lead to DNA damage, which increases the chance of cells becoming cancerous.  

These mutations can be passed on and may increase breast and ovarian cancer risk.    

A child who has one parent with a mutation in one these genes will have 50 percent chances of inheriting it.  

Ovarian cancer is a common form of cancer in women. It affects about 1.3% of the population. The number of those who are affected by BRCA1 genetic mutations increases to 44%. 

Haley received a prophylactic double-mastectomy. The procedure included tissue expander placement, bilateral salpingectomy, bilateral Oophorectomy, as well as a bilateral mastectomy.

Haley stated that she felt nervous and was afraid they would go into my body to find the cancer growing.

‘I’m also a nurse in the operating room so I had a fearful part about surgery because of the way that my nursing experience has shown me “the good, the bad, and the ugly” of it.

Two nights she stayed in hospital. The hospital then sent her tissues to pathology so that they could be examined for pre-cancerous or cancerous cells.

All tests were positive, however.

She was able to have both of her ovaries removed and is on hormone replacement therapy. This will prevent surgery-induced menopause.

“It was 27 years ago that I decided to pursue hormone replacement therapy.

It was either that, or you would be experiencing full-blown surgery menopause by the age of 27, which comes with its own set of risks, including hot flashes and heart disease.

In a clip posted on TikTok, her husband Ty, 29, shared a video of Hayley to share how proud he was of her for remaining so 'brave' and 'selfless' throughout

Ty, the husband of Hayley, shared his pride in Hayley’s bravery and selflessness by posting a TikTok clip.

Hayley on the beach with her drains coming out of her chest, saying she gets embarrassed about them and scars

Hayley is seen on the shore with her drains out of her chest. She says that she feels embarrassed and ashamed about her scars.

Ty shared the adorable and heartwarming clip to his TikTok following, in hospital to have tissue expanders removed as a follow-up surgery

Ty posted the touching clip to his TikTok audience. Ty was admitted to hospital for tissue expansion surgery.

“I feel that this decision was right for me, and I intend to continue on HRT till I reach menopause age (around fifty).

Four months later, she is still recovering from surgery and is preparing for further breast reconstruction.

Haley stated that she was nervous about the whole thing, but has been amazed by how my body is healing.

“It was difficult for me to lift more than five pounds during the six-week period. I have three young children and it was hard.

Haley had a prophylactic double mastectomy with tissue expander placement and a total robotic-assisted hysterectomy, bilateral salpingectomy, bilateral oophorectomy, removing her breast tissue, ovaries, fallopian tubes, cervix, and uterus

Haley underwent a prophylactic double breastectomy. She also had tissue expander placed and received a total robot-assisted, robotic-assisted, total hysterectomy. Also, she was given bilateral salpingectomy and bilateral oophorectomy. This included removing her breast tissue and fallopian tubes.

Pictured 24 hours post op, Haley says she made it through the recovery with the help and support of friends and family

Haley, 24 hours after the operation was over, says that with the support and help of her family and friends she got through the recovery process.

“I have been through it all with the support of my family and my friends and I’m so glad to be back running, carrying my children and enjoying my workouts.

Her story was shared online and she has received overwhelming support.

She shared, “I am so grateful to have been able to network with so many women who are in the same situation and making similar decisions as me.”

“If one woman is empowered by my story to make a change in her life, it’s worth the effort.”

Ty, 29 year old, shared footage of Hayley walking on the beaches with drains visible from her chest.

Haley said: 'If sharing my story helps one woman have the confidence to take control of her health then this was all worth it to me'

Haley said, “If my story can help one woman feel confident about her health, then it was worth it.”

Ty captioned Ty’s post, “I am so honored to call this beautiful soul My Bride!”

The video went viral on TikTok where it was liked 145,000 more times and viewed over 2,000,000 times.

One person commented: ‘Previvor here too… what a positive light she is, scars will heal and drains will go away… you’re stronger than cancer!’

“She is beautiful and strong. Another user shared the hope that she is recovering well.

A third person said: “So beautiful but THEN SHE SMILED AT YOU.”

We are the warriors! Diagnosed at 33 with BRCA2, and had a mastectomy, total hysterectomy, and mastectomy shortly after. “I’m 35 and I live my life every day,” another commentator said.

Another person said, “God bless your lovely wife.” At her age, she has seen a lot. I know she has good & bad days, but she is handling this with such grace!’

“Brave and beautiful.” A few years back, my wife experienced the exact same thing. “She is my hero,” I added another.