Super mom shares her brilliant weekly meal prep and fridge organization tips – they will save you hours each week

  • A mum shares how she saves her time when cooking dinner every night 
  • Every Sunday night, she plans her fridge around her weekly menu plan
  • Each meal’s ingredients are placed in a clearly labeled plastic container

A smart mum has revealed how she cuts down on the time it takes to prepare her weekly meals every Sunday by adding one simple task to her cleaning schedule. 

A proud housewife posted her cleaning tips on Facebook. 

After creating the weekly menu plan and shopping for ingredients, the organised mum will sort the ingredients into labelled tubs.  

A clever mum has revealed exactly how she shaves hours off her weekly meal prep every Sunday by adding one simple job to her cleaning list

A smart mom has revealed how she saves hours on her Sunday meal prep by adding one simple task onto her cleaning list

Posting on a Facebook cleaning group the house-proud mum explained 'Sunday is cleaning day' before describing her 'genius' meal-prepping hack

The house-proud mom posted on a Facebook cleaning group, explaining that Sunday is cleaning day. She then described her ‘genius meal-prepping hack’.

She also posts the weekly menu on the wall so that her family knows exactly what is for dinner, without them having to ask.

The Sunday job seemed to be a good fit for other house-proud moms.

One commended: “Great job, now you can relax, enjoy your week, dinner sorted.”

Others suggested that the mum should create her own Youtube channel to share helpful tips.

The menu for women includes crumbed lamb chops and chicken korma, creamy bacon terlini, chicken korma, and spaghetti with meatballs.  

However, her plastic containers and meal plan appeared to’steal’ the show for many of the women.

After putting together the weekly meal plan and shopping for ingredients the organised mum sort each night's ingredients into well-labelled tubs

After creating the weekly menu plan and shopping for ingredients, the organized mom sorts the ingredients into well-labelled tubs.

Many people commented asking where she got her weekly planner and white-lidded containers.

She said, “The planner is from Kmart but it was a while back.”

Popular retailer currently has similar planners for $6 

The plastic containers can also be purchased at the store for $3.