Home cooks all over the world are horrified by Mum’s bizarre ‘fridge hack” for “marinating” raw turkey in brine in her vegetable draw

  • A Facebook hack that a mother from America shared on Facebook has led to her being slapped
  • The photo shows a turkey that was in brine and is inside her vegetable storage. 
  • This post received tens to thousands of replies, many of which were horrified.
  • It was not a safe idea, but many were worried. 

After sharing her unusual method of’marinating raw meat’, a mother was reprimanded by shocked home chefs. 

To show her ability to infuse flavour into poultry, the American posted her method on Facebook just before Thanksgiving. 

Instead of using the fridge to preserve vegetables and fruits, she took a picture of the contents and shared it with us. 

She wrote, “Someone asked what I used to marinate my Turkey. I answered that they use the marinating drawer of the fridge.”

What do you use to make your life easier?  

An American mother has come under fire after sharing her hack for marinating raw meat (pictured) on Facebook

A mother from America has faced criticism after posting her recipe for marinating raw meat (pictured below) on Facebook 

This post went viral quickly, receiving thousands of comments, many of which were shocked at the way it was prepared. 

Many social media users were disgusted by the dangers of raw meat being left open in fridges.

‘That’s not a turkey, that’s salmonella,’ one said.

‘I am never eating at anyone else’s house again,’ another added.

Another person wrote, “This has been an upsetting watching experience.” 

A few people supported the idea though, believing that food hygiene issues could be addressed. 

This is genius! One person said, “I would not have thought of that!” 

‘I wash my refrigerator with soap and bleach regularly so this wouldn’t be a problem. I love it! 

“Actually, if the drawer has been cleaned/sanitized, why not?” A third person agreed. 

Many social media users were disgusted by the controversial 'marinating' hack

Social media users expressed disgust at the controversial “marinating” hack. 

The Victorian Government’s Better Health Channel advised that meat and liquids should always be covered and stored away from other items to prevent contamination from bacteria. 

Website stated that raw foods should be kept in covered or sealed containers, at the bottom of your fridge.

Keep raw food below the prepared foods to prevent liquids such as juices from meat from dripping and contaminating cooked food.

“Make sure that your food storage containers remain clean and in good order. Only store food.

“Cover them using tight-fitting lids or foil to minimize potential contamination.”