Pictured: Two men are arrested by police for the murder of a pensioner aged 76.

  • In connection to the death Malcon Frary (76), two men were arrested
  • On New Year’s Day, Mr Frary was discovered dead at his Blackpool home.
  • The police have opened a murder investigation and continue their investigations 

As part of the murder investigation into the death in Blackpool of an elderly widower on New Year’s Day, two men were arrested.

Today’s neighbors spoke of their shock that Malcom Frary (76), was discovered dead at his house on New Year’s Day. The discovery sparked a murder probe.

According to police, two men of age 51 and 43 have been arrested on suspicion for murder. 

According to reports, Mr Frary was found “slumped in his doorway” at Blackpool’s home on Saturday 1 January.

Mr Frary was said to have been found 'slumped in the doorway' of his home in Blackpool, at around 4.35pm on Saturday January 1

According to reports, Mr Frary was found “slumped in his doorway” at Blackpool’s home on Saturday 1st January.

Although police have yet to reveal the cause of his death, a neighbor who was quizzed said that he was informed by officers that Frary had sustained a serious head injury.

A neighbour who didn’t want to be identified said, “The first police officer that came around asked me if anything was suspicious.”

“And they claimed that the window was broken in and found the victim lying on the ground with a head injury near the door.

Police tape could be seen covering a broken window in the front door panel of one of the red brick houses in the small terraced street

You could see police tape covering the broken glass in one of the red brick houses on this tiny terraced street.

“The police are here every day for the past three days.

“On Saturday there should have been seven to eight police vehicles, with police moving up and down.” It was evident that police were wearing boiler suits and going in-and out.

According to neighbours, Mr Frary was an engineer who lived in the home for 40+ years.

According to some reports, he lived by himself since his marriage down 20 years ago.

A 67-year old woman lived in the same street and said that her husband had lived here since 40 years. His quiet and unassuming nature made him a great man.

“He kept his secrets, particularly after his wife’s death. He was a fan of his model boats.

‘When we went out to celebrate the New Year’s Day we found his door open and some activity in the nearby streets.

“When we returned, we saw that the police had arrived and Malcolm’s home was being taped.

“We thought it was a burglary. We went back to Malcolm the following day and were informed that he was alright.

“We still are in shock. We were there and he was still in terrible conditions. It was a terrible way to see his life end.

Police have launched a murder probe and have already arrested two men in connection

Two men have been arrested by police in connection with a murder investigation.

“This street is so family friendly, that all the kids play together. I was especially close to one of his boys. It’s just too confusing for me.

The scene was still being inspected by the police this morning. They taped off a section of the footpath and several homes.

You could also see police tape covering the broken windows in one of the small red brick houses along the street’s front doors. 

Blackpool’s 43-year-old male suspect was detained on New Year’s Day for murder.

Yesterday, a second suspect was arrested for murder.

Investigators want to speak with anyone who witnessed suspicious activity between New Year’s Eve & New Year’s Day.

Lee Wilson of Lancashire Police Detective Chief Inspector said, “My deepest sympathy and thoughts are with Mr Frary and his family in this difficult and sad time.”

“A murder investigation is underway and we want to get as many witnesses possible.”

“While two arrests have been made, we want to hear from anyone with any information that may be helpful in our investigation.”