With holiday spirit around the corner, everybody is excited to take those needed time offs and spend quality time with family. However, for a few, this holiday season can be a daunting task! Moving places requires more attention to detail and organization.

Especially when you are relocating during the holiday season, then you’ll need an elaborate list of lists, so you don’t miss out on anything. No doubt that there is a legit reason for moving. So, without further ado, let’s dig into the details of tips that you need to remember,

Reverse planning

While it’s crucial that you plan for the moving months ahead, you also need to consider the actual time frame. Assess how much time you have to the D-day and then plan in reverse – so you have enough time packing.

Have at least a month in hand and pack leisurely. Consider hiring a packers and movers company. That way, you won’t have to worry about the item’s safety. The moving company will pack the items carefully and also insure them during transit.

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Leverage your budget

Unlike the usual thought that the holiday season keeps most movers free, you need to check with them for their availability. It is quite common for many families to relocate and thus hold the movers busy this season.

And many times, they charge higher than usual because of less staffing. It is ideal to book them months in advance and also reconfirm with them as the date closes. Some might hike the price at the last minute. So be wary of it and save some extra money just in case.

Sell, Donate and Throw away!

We see how much stuff we actually own when we begin to declutter our rooms and home. There are so many things we buy thinking that we will use them ‘someday’, only to put them in a drawer and never look back!

Moving is the right time to shed some extra weight you’ve been carrying in your home. Take those unnecessary items and divide them into three sections. Select a few that can be donated, thrown away and a few that you can sell. Online or garage sales are best to make those extra bucks.

Holiday gatherings

Gathering with family around this time is fun and exciting. It is filled with love and laughter that no one would want to miss! As long as you are invited to such gatherings, all you need to bother about are the attires and gifts you’d take.

However, if you’re hosting an event before the move, then you’ll have to work around shifting the party to another venue. Spend some time to relax and socialize with your friends and family. Regardless of what you plan, ensure that the expectations are realistic and everyone is in the loop with updates.

By editor