A kangaroo gets trapped on a roof in a small country town. It is a strange moment and nobody can understand how.

  • One Monday night in Mount Isa (Queensland), a kangaroo spotted perched on a roof
  • Although emergency services were called immediately, rescuers jumped right down as soon as they arrived. 
  • As the mystery surrounding how this incident happened remains, it has puzzled many in the community.

The kangaroo somehow managed to hop up on a roof of a suburb and stomp around the sloped surfaces, but was unable to descend.

The marsupial was found on the roof of Mount Isa in north Queensland’s northwest Queensland family by shocked locals who called emergency services.

Rescuers hesitated to react, believing that it was a joke as the animal climbed onto the roof.

A kangaroo has mystified the Mount Isa community, in Queensland's north west, after it was spotted on top of a roof

After it was seen on top of a roof, a kangaroo puzzled Mount Isa’s north-west Queensland community. 

Patrick Buck, an experienced firefighter from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said that they thought the hoax was fake when they received the call. However, once we arrived, the object was already on the roof.

“We went up with all of our rescue equipment and harnesses. But, as soon we reached the top, he leapt off the roof onto some shrubs.

Paula Boon and Sue Carson, who run local animal rescue Paws Hoofs and Claws, were visiting a house in the street when they noticed the strange sight.

Daily Mail Australia was told by Ms Boon that’some children saw it first, and they wondered at what we were laughing at’.

‘Our first thought was “what the?”

To ensure that he did not injure his self in an haphazard escape, rescuers had to carefully coax him down.

She stated that yesterday was extremely hot and they were concerned that he had dehydrated. If he became scared, he could break his leg.

‘We have limited wildlife carers here and shortage of vets and we didn’t want him hopping on the road as it is fairly busy.

The fire brigade was called to help coax the animal down, easing it towards a lower part of the roof to hop off

Locals remain perplexed as to how the marsupial made its way to the top of the building

Fire brigade members were called in to coax and ease the animal towards the lower roof.

‘A few phone calls later to find helpers and two fire brigade guys got up on the roof and slowly encouraged the roo off the back which wasn’t as high and he hopped off ok.’ 

Buck stated that the fire brigade might add kangaroos along with cats, dogs and birds to their list of animal rescues. 

He claimed that many locals are still trying to figure out how an unlikely climber got onto the Duchess Road’s roof.

He stated that ‘we still don’t know how it got up on the roof. it’s a mystery.’ 

Patrick Buck, a senior firefighter at Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, said the brigade could now add kangaroos to their list of animal rescues

Patrick Buck, an experienced firefighter with Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said that they could add Kangaroos as another animal rescue to their repertoire.