The 22-year old mystery woman was photographed in St Tropez with Leonardo DiCaprio. It was the same time her ex-husband divorced that she was using her maiden names. has learned that Maria Beregova, a divorcee from Ahmed Masoud Abdelhafid (30, had jetted to South France).

The beautiful Russian model changed her name to Beregova while on the trip. She was also pictured together with Leo (47).

Abdelhafid her former husband, runs Monaco’s property and fashion business. She is the grandson of an interior minister, loyalist servant to Gaddafi and a granddaughter.

Massoud Abdelhafid, the Libyan dictator Gadaffi’s right hand man and a ‘walking Encyclopedia’ was called Massoud.

Massoud senior fled to Cairo after Gaddafi had been overthrown. He was later reported to have succumbed to illness there in 2015.

This shock comes four years after Camila Morrone (25), split with Titanic’s stars.

The Russian stunning model reverted to her maiden name of Beregova during the trip, where she was snapped with Leo, 47, after splitting from her husband

After splitting with her husband, the Russian model turned to Beregova, her maiden name, during her trip. She was photographed together, Leo (47), on this photo.

She was snapped with the star boarding a luxury yacht in St Tropez, in the South of France, wearing a skimpy black mini dress in July

The star was captured with her boarding a yacht luxury in St Tropez (South of France) in a mini-length black dress. 

Bergegova smiled at her phone as she sat on the expensive vessel  earlier this year. She showed off her sleek hairdo and accesorised with statement silver earrings

Bergegova smiled at her phone as she sat on the expensive vessel  earlier this year. Her sleek, slicked-back hair was highlighted by her silver accessories. 

Her former spouse Abdelhafid, who runs a property and fashion empire in Monaco, is the grandson of interior minister and a loyalist servant to the ruthless despot Gaddafi. Pictured: Beregova and Abdelhafid together at Milan Fashion Week in 2019

Abdelhafid is her ex-spouse and runs Monaco’s fashion and property empire. He is also the grandson of an interior minister and loyal servant to Gaddafi. Pictured: Beregova, Abdelhafid and their companions at Milan Fashion Week 2019.

The model has also shared several snaps of herself posing inside and in front of private jets - something which eco-warrior Leo may frown upon

She also posted several photos of her posing in front and inside private jets, something that eco-warrior Leo might not approve of.

Camila first met the Revenant’s star in 2008 when Camila was only 12.

Beregova took stunning photographs aboard Saint Tropez’s ferry, and she also displayed her Villa Belrose luxurious room in July.

She was snapped wearing a $150 Noma Kamali skimpy black halter neck mini dress, paired with Mach & Mach $1,100 diamond silver pumps.

Beregova, who was a mere distance from the stars while boarding the luxurious boat, strutted proudly as she sported her body as she pulled back her hair in a neat ponytail.

While it’s unclear exactly when or if there was an agreement, it seems that the separation was finalized in Monaco, where they both lived. 

Abdelhafid’s brother, Massoud, 32, married glamourous Russian Anastasia Fuks, 27, in lavish French Riviera ceremony with a 10ft cake and a $5,000 dress in 2016.

While it’s not known if the couple is still together, Fuks was the daughter of Pavel Fuks (a major development magnate in Vladimir Putin’s Moscow).

She was pictured getting onto the boat alongside Leo's other pals

Beregova flaunted her flawless figure as she walked towards the boat in a halter neck black mini dress

Beregova was flawless as she marched towards the boat, wearing a black mini dress with a halterneck. As she walked towards the boat, Beregova was joined by a few of her friends from the yacht. can reveal that Maria Beregova jetted off to the south of France after splitting with her husband, Ahmed Masoud Abdelhafid, 30 has learned that Maria Beregova flew to France with Ahmed Masoud Abdelhafid 30 after she split from her husband.

She split with her husband, right, before the trip but reverted to her maiden name while on holiday. His granfather, Massoud Abdelhafid, was labelled as the Libyan dictator Gadaffi's 'right hand man' and 'walking encyclopedia'

Right before she went on vacation, she split from her husband. However, while abroad, her maiden name was restored. Massoud Abdelhafid was described as Gadaffi’s right hand man and a ‘walking encyclopedia’ by his granfather.

Stunning Beregova jets across the world for variosu fashion brands, and has worked clsoely with Chanel, calling herself a 'golden Barbie' at one of their events

Amazing Beregova travels the globe for various fashion brands and works clsoely alongside Chanel. She calls herself a “golden Barbie” at their events.

Although she follows Titanic’s star on Instagram (he doesn’t), she does not have his account.

Actor 47 chose a more casual look for the outing. He wore a royal-blue shirt and dark jeans.

Leonardo wore a black baseball cap and seemed to keep a low profile in this celebrity hotspot. However, he was joined by many friends as they returned home at dawn.

Titanic Star wore the shirt open at the neck, which showed off his chest and simple silver necklace. reached out to Di Caprio and Beregova for comments but they did not respond immediately

The Academy Award nominee split up with Morrone, his girlfriend younger, “quietly”, a source said to The Sun Tuesday.

Sources close to DiCaprio said to the publication by mouth that they had become increasingly distant in recent months.

According to a source, “Leo and Camila have ended their relationship in the summer.” They have no bad feelings. The natural result was reached.

On the move: Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted out with friends in New York City on Tuesday, following his shock split from girlfriend Camila Morrone

Leo, who was wearing black and white athletic shoes as he walked out of New York after hearing the breakup news from Morrone yesterday, wore white ankle socks.

She doesn't miss an opportunity to show off her fabulous figure. Currently she follows the Titanic star on Instagram, but he does not follow her back

She loves to flaunt her incredible figure whenever she can. She currently follows Titanic Star on Instagram but he is not following her back

Beregova posted several stunning pictures aboard the boat in Saint Tropez, as well as showing off her luxury room at Villa Belrose

Beregova took many beautiful photos on the boat in Saint Tropez and showed her Villa Belrose luxury bedroom.

Leonardo and his girlfriend Camila Morrone, 25, ended their relationship earlier this summer after five years together, a source told The Sun on Tuesday; Camila and Leo seen in 2019 in Manhattan

Leonardo, 25 and Camila Morrone (25), ended their five-year relationship in the summer. A source said that Camila and Leo were last seen together in Manhattan in 2019.

Camila first met the Revenant’s star in 2008 when Camila was only 12.

His longtime friend Al Pacino, who had dated Camila’s mother Lucila Solá for years, made the introductions, and Leonardo remained friends with the family.

After Nina Agdal’s breakup, Leonardo and Camila were officially reunited sometime around 2017 though their reps initially denied it.

Their relationship was elevated when the two of them attended Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday party. They were also seen together later that year at Coachella, showing their PDA.

They were both affectionate all through 2022. DiCaprio could even be seen walking the dogs Camila raised on her solo walks.

The Wolf Of Wall Street star, Camila, was photographed on June 5th with Al Pacino and his father. Camila considered Al Pacino her stepfather even though he had split with her mother.

Camila now appears to be joining the ranks Leo’s ex girlfriends. No one is known to have dated Leo past age 25, as she turned 25 in June.