NANO Hearing Aids Reviews: Why it is becoming a super brand

In an increasingly relevant market, customers universally crown NANO’s products as the best value-for-money devices on the market today

Mounting consumer data on NANO Hearing Aid Reviews– measured since their release, has shown that the company has universally received some of the most overwhelmingly positive feedback on the market today. This is particularly impressive when one takes into account the fact that the reviews encapsulate a range of different hearing aids in a variety of different prices- a testament to the company’s reliability.

Hearing loss can affect people in a plethora of negative ways and undoubtedly form barriers preventing them from ordinarily continuing their lives in a healthy way. Consequently, increasing amounts of consumers are finding solace in the growing hearing aid market- albeit at a very high price.

First time buyers might find themselves in a dilemma when considering what price range to choose from. With dynamic market pricing ranging between $29 and $4000, products will inevitably vary significantly in quality. Undoubtedly, anyone who has a $4000 expectation from a $29 device will soon learn that that is an unrealistic expectation. By cutting out the middleman, NANO seeks to provide consumers with affordable hearing aids that maintain an uncompromised level of quality- feeling a much-needed gap in today’s American hearing aid market. In examining NANO’s efficiency and customer satisfaction, this article will take a deep dive into the relevant consumer data and determine to what extent NANO hearing aids provide an adequate alternative to the exorbitant high-value products on today’s market. 

What reviewers are saying about the NANO X2R?

One of the most successful NANO hearing aid models is the award-winning NANO X2R. This model provides a rechargeable battery, automatic environmental sound adjustments and localization levels that rival some of the most high-value and innovative products on the market. Consumer reviews have universally dictated that its features and sound quality are comparable to the far more expensive hearing aids that they have previously worn.

Furthermore, consumers seem to love the product’s physical constitution, commentating that they are ‘comfortable to wear’ and ‘discreet’- allowing them to rejuvenate their social lives and hobbies.

NANO hearing aid reviews for the New NANO Sigma hearing aid

The NANO Sigma are wireless hearing aids that can be manually controlled via the wearer’s smartphone using the NANO Mobile App. Consumers are able to quickly take a hearing test through the App and simply adjust their hearing aids with one click- vastly improving the wearer’s quality of life. Like all of NANO’s hearing aid products, the NANO Sigma is small and discreet; ensuring the wearer is always feeling physically and mentally comfortable whilst wearing them. Moreover, reviews show consumers love NANO’s choice in allowing them to retain their autonomy by individually adjusting their environmental settings and sound frequencies.

As with all NANO products, the superb quality is brought to consumers in conjunction with a very low price. One consumer humorously stated that her husband had originally bought the NANO Sigma temporarily as he ‘couldn’t get his more expensive pair repaired until the end of lockdown’. Unsurprisingly, he ‘no longer felt’ any need to return to his original brand, retaining NANO as the hearing aid ‘king’, at a price that’s often over 3 times less expensive than its competitors.

The powerful NANO SX2000 as seen by reviewers

Consumers who have bought the NANO SX2000 have universally found it impressive- comparing it to current hearing aid models costing up to 5 times as much. The SX2000 provides easy-to-use volume and frequency controls- including environmental feedback control and noise reduction capabilities that rival some of the most expensive models on the market today. A 2019 survey, detailing NANO consumer satisfaction, found that the most commonly used words and expressions by customers were: ‘fabulous’, ‘great product’, ‘value for money’ and ‘excellent service’- a testament to the company’s culture of respect and integrity.

What people are saying about the NANO CIC in their reviews

NANO also provides two Completely Inside the Canal (CIC) hearing models. These are the NANO CIC Recharge and the NANO CIC Digital. Unsurprisingly, reviews on NANO’s two CIC devices mirrored the feedback of their other models- displaying great satisfaction in relation to the products: physical constitution, sound quality, environmental feedback and of course, the low price. In NANO Hearing Aids Reviews, one consumer was noted saying that the NANO CIC was the ‘best value for money bargain’ currently available.

It should be noted that there are other, lesser-known, hearing aid retailers that sell affordable hearing aids online- including Hearing Assist, Starkey, Costco and Audicous Hearing Aids. However, some of these companies have been the recipients of heavy criticism in relation to the quality of their products which, whilst cheap, fail to ‘provide any level of adequate’ hearing aid assistance. It is needless to say that buyers should beware of any sellers pushing campaigns prohibited by the FTC, including misleading sales and advertising practices, inaccurate refund and warranty coverage and false reviews.

In comparison, NANO’s hearing aids display a clear technological advantage; with digital sound management, background noise cancellation and a physical constitution that  are on par with some of the most expensive and high-value alternatives on today’s market.

In conclusion, after having considered a broad range of reviews for NANO hearing aids, customer feedback seems to universally elect NANO as the best choice among consumers looking to purchase affordable- yet reliable, hearing devices.