I’ll paw the concrete! Naughty dog continues to walk in wet cement as Thai builders attempt to lay patios.

  • Chak, a fluffy white dog, enjoyed running through freshly-poured cement.
  • Sararat Prayongyam kept her pets inside the house while the builders worked
  • But the pooch kept running in the damp yard at the Bangkok home, Thailand.

This is the moment a fluffy white dog ran across fresh concrete in Thailand.

Sararat Prayongyam had hired contractors to lay a patio in her grandmother’s Bangkok house on October 16.

After locking all the dogs in their houses, one pooch escaped to find the workers laying the cement.

Chak jumps right into the wet concrete, pauses for thought, before padding his way across the patio at the home in Bangkok, Thailand

Chak jumps into the concrete and pauses before he continues to walk along the patio of the home in Bangkok.

CCTV footage shows Chak, a four-year-old dog, walking over freshly-poured concrete leaving many paw prints. 

The construction workers were dismayed to discover that Chak was becoming faster and his paw prints became more evident the more they tried to scare it away.

The wet cement looks flawless until the footage jumps to the next instant as the canine continues to make his mark. 

The pooch went back into the house before dashing right back out, to the builder's dismay

The builder was shocked when the pooch returned into the house, before running right back out.

Not again: Chak tries to make more footprints as he plods through the concrete once again

Chak is determined to leave more footprints when he continues to plod through concrete.

The frustrated men tried to get him back into his house with their tools, but it only made the fluffy-white dog more determined to run and escape.

Ms Prayongyam stated that she locked all her pets, not knowing that Chak managed escape, making the job of the construction worker more difficult.

“I’m amazed they managed to finish the floor outside with a naughty puppy running around.”

The builder gestures to his colleague to try and help stop Chak the dog from running across the new patio again

The fluffy white dog dashes off once again after trying his luck going across the fresh concrete

Shoo! Shoo!

One worker can be seen in despair putting his hand on the top of his head as Chak runs past him one last time.

In seven minutes, the hound flies six times across the new patio.

The pooch is now in the sights of four builders, who watch as the trail of paw prints leaves and the white tail wags off.

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