Nearly 21,000 homes across the UK lost power last night as engineers tried to restore electricity lines damaged by Storm Arwen.

SSEN, the energy provider in Scotland remains on red alert as it responds to stormy weather damage that has caused extensive and widespread disruption to its network.

With police declaring an emergency in the area, the north-east region of Scotland is still the most affected. Storm Arwen also affected areas of Moray and Angus as well as Dumfries, Galloway, Dumfries, Galloway, and Borders.

SSEN stated that the storm caused “catastrophic damages”, three times more than the Beast from East’s 2018 damage. John Swinney was Deputy First Minister and stated that it is impossible to underestimate the difficulties involved in recovering from the storm.

According to the Energy Networks Association, 66,000 homes were without power in the UK as of yesterday at 5pm. However, it is believed that around one million homes and businesses have suffered damage.

The UK was experiencing its coldest night so far this autumn. This includes Shap in Cumbria and north-west England. Shap recorded the lowest temperature at minus 8.7C (-16.34F) according to the Met Office.

According to the Met Office, cold temperatures would be replaced Monday by a warmer trend and then another drop in temperature Wednesday night.

Oli Claydon, a spokesperson for the UK said that “the whole UK will become milder.” The south-east and southeast regions of the UK will have the most resistance to cold temperatures. Low temperatures will resume on Wednesday night and Thursday morning.

“But, it won’t be as low as what we’ve seen in the past. Although it will remain below zero, it will be closer to minus 4C (24.8F), or minus 5C (23.F).

While the Prime Minister promised to support Scotland in its recovery from the storm that ravaged the UK over the weekend and former leader of the Lib Dems Tim Farron called on the government to send the Army, the Prime Minister also pledged his commitment to helping the country.

Engineers brought over from Northern Ireland fixing power cables near Garlogie in Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Northern Ireland engineer brought to Scotland to install power cables close by Garlogie, Aberdeenshire.

The Met Office said cold temperatures will be replaced by a warming trend on Monday, followed by another dip in temperatures on Wednesday night

According to the Met Office, cold temperatures would be replaced Monday by a warmer trend and then another drop in temperature Wednesday night.

After three nights in a Yorkshire pub, guests return to their homes 

Two of the 61 persons who got trapped at a pub that was closed by snow were able make their way safely home.

Due to heavy snowfall from Storm Arwen, the group was trapped at the Tan Hill Inn in Yorkshire Dales.

Nicola Townsend (51) told PA that the general manager of the pub said: ‘The Snow Plough managed to climb up around 11 o’clock this morning and clear and gritted.

They had booked a camper van for the two remaining people at the pub and will be leaving on Tuesday.

“They did a short walk, and they felt a little nervous since they hadn’t had camper vans before,” explained Ms Townsend.

After their Friday gig at the pub (1,732ft (528m), Oasis tribute band Noasis provided musical entertainment.

Over the course of the three nights people slept on floor mattresses or makeshift beds. During the quiz night, they were also treated to films, trivia and karaoke.

ENA reported that helicopter and drone surveys had revealed issues in remote areas. A patrol discovered almost 100 snapped electrical poles, which needed to be repaired.

A spokesperson for ENA stated that support and connecting customers was our top priority. Customer teams work around the clock in order to keep customers informed and contact them.

“We also work with local authorities and emergency services to help this effort.

Boris Johnson stated that the UK Government is standing ready to assist Scotland. He tweeted: “My thoughts and prayers are with all those who continue to deal with any disruptions caused by Storm Arwen.” While forecasts have improved, the situation in Scotland’s north east is still very worrying. We are ready to assist the Scottish Government with any further needs.

Farron, a member of the Commons said that “These people are facing their fourth evening without electricity.” Tonight we need to support the engineering crews working round the clock to repair these connections and increase the number of them. It may be necessary to bring in the Army.

He also said: “We need help for vulnerable people, families, and those who suffer from hunger and cold.” The majority of people feel vulnerable when they are without power for four nights.

Rail services in Wales will be disrupted this week, Transport for Wales stated. 

London Ambulance Service (London Ambulance Service) and Age UK encourage people to be aware of elderly loved ones who may suffer from adverse effects due to cold weather.

Age UK advised citizens to continue moving to ensure that they have their winter vaccines. LAS encouraged people to look after their grandparents.

A fallen tree in North Tyneside after Storm Arwen wreaked havoc across much of the UK at the weekend

A tree that fell in North Tyneside, after Storm Arwen caused havoc throughout much of the UK over the weekend

A snow plough clears the A53 road between Leek and Buxton after Storm Arwen

After Storm Arwen, a snowplow clears the A53 between Leek & Buxton

Storm Arwen damage could result in £250million-plus bill, says insurance expert 

The repair bill from Storm Arwen could cost insurers more than £250 million, according to an expert.

Large swathes of Britain have been affected by severe winds, snow and sleet.

Mohammad Khan from PwC UK was the general insurance lead. He said that: “Insurance companies had been receiving a high volume call over the weekend, and today on Storm Arwen.

‘Most of the calls have been in relation to home and car damage – predominantly home, however, as is usual with a major storm; the claims from businesses take longer to be reported and to assess.

‘Based on the breadth of Storm Arwen and the damage seen so far, we estimate the insurance losses could be between £250 million to £300 million.

Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis both experienced high winds last year, but suffered significant flood losses.


LAS stated in a statement that they are concerned about the safety of their family members, friends, and neighbors in winter weather.

This could be as simple as popping in to grab a cup and making sure the heating works and they have groceries.

SSEN spokesperson stated that since the beginning of Storm Arwen on Friday at lunchtime, power was restored to approximately 103,000 customers, while 17,000 customers are currently without supply.

‘This includes Aberdeenshire and Aberdeenshire: 9,700. Moray: 3,500. Angus is 1,600. Perthshire: 1.700.

Mark Rough is director of customer operations for SSEN. He said that they are making good progress after the severe network damage from Storm Arwen. Additional teams have been supporting restoration efforts, and there has been major connectivity to places like Ballater, Braemar, and Braemar.

“Our engineers still experience difficult conditions and multiple faults within individual circuits. Complex repairs are currently being made which will require longer than normal.

“The damage done is preventing the possibility of rerouting the network in order to restore supply.

“We are aware that another day without power can cause additional distress to people affected. We apologize for any disruption caused and promise to do all that is possible to restore power.

“We will continue to prioritize support for vulnerable customers through coordination with our resilience partners and we are also offering reimbursement reasonable costs for lodging, where customers don’t have an alternative.

SSEN works closely with partners from both local and national resilience to assist in coordinating the response of communities.

Support is prioritized for customers of Priority Services Register who are the most vulnerable.

Rest centres have also been established at the following locations: Ballater at the Victoria and Albert Hall, Eassie & Nevay Hall, Fintry, Knockraich Farm, Strathyre Primary School, Aberfoyle Primary School and Doune Primary School.

The following welfare institutions will also continue to assist customers in need of hot food or drinks starting Tuesday, November 30, at 7 a.m.