Severe air pollution in New Delhi that is partly caused by coal-fired power forces  schools to close for a WEEK as anger grows at India for last-minute COP U-turn on fossil fuels

  • As air pollution increases, schools in New Delhi will switch to virtual learning.
  • The city also bans construction between November 14-17 
  • This emergency is a result of Indian PM Narendra Modi being criticised for urging leaders to tone down their language regarding coal burning in the Cop26 Glasgow Pact
  • Hazardous levels of pollution are being caused by coal-burning power plant.

Due to the severe pollution of New Delhi’s capital, schools in New Delhi were closed for one week.

As the capital of the worst pollution, many schools are turning to virtual learning as they try to reduce the amount of pollutants in the area.

For a week, the government of the city will be working from home. Private businesses have been encouraged to follow suit.

Also, construction in the area was banned between November 14th and 17

Air pollution in New Delhi is currently at 470-499 on a scale of 500 according to India's federal pollution control board

According to India’s Federal Pollution Control Board, New Delhi has an air pollution level of 470-499. This is a 500-point scale. 

According to India’s federal polluting control board, New Delhi currently scores 470-499 on an index of 500. 

Arvind Kejriwal was the chief minister of Delhi’s National Capital Territory. He said at an emergency press conference that he would continue virtual classes so children wouldn’t need to go outside and inhale polluted air.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who was implicated in watering-down the Cop26 climate agreement that Cop President Alok Sharma sobbed when announcing it, is now the emergency. 

Following lobbying from India, China and other countries, the Glasgow Pact’s wording regarding unabated carbon – that is the burning of coal with no climate mitigation technology – was amended to make it more clear.

Indian PM Narendra Modi has been criticised by European nations for watering down the language of the Glasgow Pact regarding the burning of unabated coal

European countries have criticised Narendra Modi, Indian PM, for reducing the meaning of the Glasgow Pact relating to the burning unabated coal.

The climate change prompted angry reactions from European and climate vulnerable countries. 

Delhi’s pollution is being caused by the emissions of coal-fired electricity plants.

Pollution is so severe that it is dangerous to anyone, even if they are healthy.