Landlords are criticized for advertising a bed for rent in a garage and charging ridiculous prices

  • A listing online for zero bedroom rental with one space per car was posted in Auckland, NZ
  • A bed with a small table and a silver car parked next to it was depicted in the property advertisement.
  • Rents in Auckland topped $600 per week in October. The median home price was $1.25million.

An absurd rental listing listed a landlord who claimed a garage was actually a bedroom.

In photos uploaded online, the advertiser placed a small table and a bed in concrete-floored garage.

They paid $225 per week for the room. The photo was taken with a silver sedan that was less than 1 metre away from their bed.

A landlord has been mocked for pretending a garage is a bedroom in a shocking rental listing (pictured)

One landlord was mocked after he claimed that a garage was a bedroom in an outrageous rental listing (pictured).

This listing was posted in a group on Facebook for tenants searching for accommodation in West Auckland, New Zealand. The price of renting has increased sharply. 

It was then removed from the market and replaced with a listing to hide that it was a garage rather than a bedroom. The listing was deleted following abuse by the owner.

Greens MP Chloe Swarbrick said to Stuff that the listing had been ‘cooked.

Ms Swarbrick stated that despite the poor housing conditions many Aucklanders have experienced, most young Aucklanders wouldn’t be shocked to see their city.

Renters United’s Georgie said that listing the property was “an unfortunate reality” of the market.

The advertiser positioned a bed and small table with a pot plant on it in a concrete-floored garage in photos posted online

An advertiser posted photos online of a bed, small table, and pot plant in a concrete garage.

Greens MP Chloe Swarbrick (pictured) said the $225 listing was 'cooked' - adding that many renters in the area wouldn't be surprised

Chloe Swarbrick Greens MP, (pictured) stated that the listing for $225 was “cooked” – and suggested that there would be many renters in this area.

According to him, while it is unlikely that the room will meet building codes definitions for a room in a shared house, such private arrangements are possible with some shared homes. 

The city is facing a housing shortage that has gotten worse since the pandemic.

Auckland’s median house prices have increased by over $100,000 in just two years, to $1.25million.

While the median Auckland rental is currently at an all-time high of $600 per semaine, prices are falling in certain parts.