Royal College of Music bassoon professor is reunited with £40,000 instrument he left on train after police find it hidden behind a tree and arrest suspect for theft

  • Stuart Russell misunderstoodly lucked out of the Lewes to Brighton Service without Bassoon 
  • The musician had left his custom-made instrument in the overhead luggage
  • A man from Brighton was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the theft 

A bassoon worth £40,000 which was stolen after a musician accidentally left it on a train has been found hidden behind a tree.

Stuart Russell erroneously got off the Lewes service to Brighton at 2pm, leaving his custom made instrument in the overhead bag on October 19.

When he realized the train was headed towards Eastbourne, he panicked and ran back to the station.

Station staff searched the train and found it unmoved. However, CCTV footage showed that one passenger boarded it after the check.

Stuart Russell mistakenly got off the Lewes to Brighton service at 2pm leaving his custom-made instrument in the overhead luggage on October 19

Stuart Russell mistookly got off at 2:45pm from Lewes-Brighton, leaving behind his custom-made instrument. He was unable to find it in the overhead baggage on October 19.

A British Transport Police appeal, two months of being without the woodwind instrument for over two years led to a request from the British Transport Police. On Tuesday, the stolen man was taken into custody in Brighton.

Two addresses were searched by officers in East Sussex, where the instrument was found hidden behind a tree.

Ben Bell created the professional model gentleman bassoon custom in 2013 serial number 116. The joints are stamped Made In Canada.

In the black gentleman’s Bonna backpack was also a Vonk legrest attachment and two crooks.

Russell posted this Instagram message: “Last Tuesday was the British Transport Police located and delivered my basseon back to myself over a year after it was stolen.

After a British Transport Police appeal and two months without his beloved woodwind, a man from Brighton was arrested on Tuesday in connection with the theft

Two months after he lost his woodwind and a British Transport Police appeal, a Brighton man was taken into custody Tuesday.

“It has been a strange series of events. The British Transport Police, Sussex Police provided outstanding service, communication, and care throughout this investigation.

“What an amazing result!” I feel very fortunate indeed.

I would like to express my gratitude for your support, kindness, and spreading the word. Xxx’

After being taken into custody, the man was released to continue his investigation.

Russ Stobbs from the British Transport Police stated that “This instrument was extraordinarily precious to its owner. I am proud that our team tried to search the entire night for it.

“This is a great example of BTP doing more than just helping passengers on the train. We’ll keep looking into this matter.”