NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Adern’s cheeky comment about romance hookups that can involve up to 25 people under the country’s Covid laws.

  • Jacinda Adern confirms that Tinder Liaisons are permitted for 25 or more people
  • X-rated subject brought up in discussion of new traffic light lockdown system
  • Ms Ardern has had to answer risqué questions in the past after ambiguous ad
  • Traffic light system refers to New Zealand’s new levelled lockdown rules 

After months of lockdown, the Prime Minister has confirmed that rendezvous with up to 25 New Zealanders is possible.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had the tongue-in-cheek moment on nighttime current affairs show Seven Sharp while discussing ‘Tinder liaisons.’

Ms Ardern was talking to hosts Hilary Barry and Jeremy Wells about New Zealand’s ‘traffic light’ system when the risqué topic came up.

New Zealand's more 'adventurous' citizens can rest assured as the Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern (above) confirms rendezvous of up to 25 people are allowed

New Zealand’s more adventurous citizens can be assured that Jacinda Adern, the Prime Minister (above), has confirmed rendezvous for up to 25 individuals are permissible

‘I can confirm that Tinder liaisons have reopened,’ Ardern told the hosts. 

“It is not embedded in traffic lights system, but it is an accepted rule, 25 to be exact, within a red zone.”

The Ms. Ardern was not asked X-rated question about New Zealand lockdown rules. 

NZ’s ambiguous “Two Shots” vaccination advertisement that stated Kiwis needed two shots for the job left many with questions.

Chris Parker, a New Zealand comedian asked this question: When are hookups allowed in an Instagram video?

Although the PM quickly responded with an emoji of blushing, he didn’t explain the rules.

After the initial case of communicable disease in New Zealand in June, New Zealand entered lockdown again in August.

The country was in various states of lockdown after the system was introduced. It is unclear what rules are in each area.

On Wednesday, one Kiwi was killed by the virus and there were 74 more cases.

Before New Years, all of New Zealand, except Northland will move to orange lights. 

Traffic Light System in New Zealand 

The country’s locking down system, the ‘Traffic Light System of New Zealand’ is what it refers to.

An area with a green signal has no restrictions.

Orange light indicates that people living in this area should wear masks.

No matter what vaccination status, red light zones have restrictions on groupings.