After approaching her at a McDonald’s, a stranger approached a girl in a school yard and offered him to take her home.

  • On Sunday, a man approached a victim under an overpass in West Denton (Nyet),
  • Police claim that the man tried to get the woman home by offering to carry her. 
  • The police are currently investigating the incident and released CCTV footage of the man they wish to talk to 

Today, detectives launched an appeal following the rape of a young woman in a school yard by someone who offered to take her home.

The attack occurred on Sunday, 10 October, according to police. 

The victim, they say was approached by an unknown male in the A1 underpass near McDonald’s. He then offered to drive her home.

After a brief walk, they crossed the McDonald’s carpark and over the foot bridge that crosses West Denton Way.

At 12.30 AM, they crossed over into the rear lane just past Fenton Walk. 

The male attacker then attacked the school from a nearby field, just off Linhope Road, according to police.

Specialized officers offer support for the victim and her loved ones at this point.

Detectives have today launched an appeal after a woman was raped on a school field by a stranger who attacked her after offering to walk her home. Pictured: CCTV of a man police would like to speak to as part of their investigation

After a man attacked a girl in school, a detective launched an appeal. Imaged: Police would love to interview a suspect in the case.

Today, detectives have released CCTV images showing a man walking in that area at the time of the incident

Detectives today released CCTV photos showing that a man was walking around the area during the incident.

Since the incident, officers have conducted a variety of inquiries to try and identify the responsible party.

She described the attacker as white, about 5ft 9ins tall and with a medium build. He also had a distinctive accent. 

Detectives today released CCTV images that showed a man in the area during the incident. 

They want anyone that may have known him and any witnesses who were in the vicinity at the time to come forward. 

Detective Sergeant William Kemp, of Northumbria Police, said: ‘We are continuing to offer the victim any support she needs and are committed to ensuring the person responsible for this offence is brought to justice – and we are today asking for your help.

“Incidents like this are very rare in the area. However, when they do happen, we as Forces will employ every tactic to identify and prosecute those responsible.

“I’m asking you to think back to October 10, the very early hours.” 

“Did you witness a male or female walking in the same area at the exact time?

“Do you believe you may know the identity of this man? Please let us know if you think that this man pictured might be your friend. We could use his crucial information to help our investigations.