NHS worker, 21, tells how she was spiked at A&E department Christmas party by gatecrasher and had to be treated by colleague after collapsing in toilet

  • Lauren McLean claimed that a man who she didn’t know put his arm around her shoulder.
  • Thorpe St Andrew’s 21-year old said that he wanted to keep her drink.
  • As her attacker attempted to follow her, she fell in the toilet of a pub.
  • Her father called her just moments earlier and she was bundled into the car by her friends.

An NHS worker has revealed she was spiked at an A&E department Christmas party by a gatecrasher.

Lauren McLean (21), Thorpe St Andrew in Norfolk said that a man who she didn’t know wrapped his arm around her shoulder at the private party.

She described how the thug tried to sell her and her friends drugs. He also wanted them to drink their alcohol when they used the restroom.

Just half an hour later, she was unable to stand up and fell into a public toilet. Her attacker then tried to get her back in.

Lauren McLean (pictured), 21, from Thorpe St Andrew, Norfolk, said a man she did not know put his arm around her shoulders at the private event

Lauren McLean, 21, of Thorpe St Andrew in Norfolk said that a man who she didn’t know wrapped his arm around her shoulder at the private party

Just moments before she fell asleep, her father had called. Her coworkers bundled her in the back seat of their car. 

They treated her as they rushed home before an ambulance was called and she was taken to Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital.

Following the 11.45pm targeted attack on November 1, Miss McLean experienced seizures.

She told Norwich Evening News: ‘You do not expect to go to an A&E party and end up going to A&E yourself at the end of it.

“My parents are scared and they haven’t recovered. My sister doesn’t drink much, but she said that she won’t go out anymore. It’s not worth the effort.

She told how the thug offered her and her friends drugs and wanted to hold their drinks when they went to the toilet. But just half an hour later she collapsed in a pub toilet while her attacker tried to follow her in. She is pictured later in hospital

She shared with us how the thug gave her drugs, and asked for their money when she went to the loo. She collapsed on the toilet in a pub while her attacker followed her into it. Later, she was taken to hospital.

Miss McLean warned revellers not to get out of control during the Christmas season.

In case of an untoward event, she said that people should always have a plan B for night outs.

The NightCap spiking preventive kit, as well as her own metal straw online has been purchased by the woman.

Norfolk Police claimed they had been informed of the incident and closed their investigation due to lack of CCTV evidence.

One spokesperson said that they had received reports of spikes at Tombland, Norwich business premises on November 1.

The incident took place between 8.30 and 11.30 pm.

The incident was investigated by officers who used CCTV, spoke with venue personnel, and did forensics.

“It was established that the inquiries were exhausted, and therefore the investigation is closed. If there is any more information, we will be reviewing it.