Nigel Farage says he’s considering a return back to British frontline politics. He was approached by “several high ranking donors” and he accused Boris Johnson for failing to get a handle on the migrant Channel crossings.

  • Nigel Farage confirms that he plans to return to British politics at the frontline
  • The leader of the Ex-UKIP/Brexit Party said that he’s giving serious thought to making a comeback
  • According to him, he was approached about returning by “several high-ranking donor”
  • Farage claimed that the crisis of migrant channel crossings has caused a new era in thinking

Today Nigel Farage confirmed that he was considering returning to British frontline politics. He accused the Government for failing to “get a grasp” of migrants crossing into Channel One. 

Ex-leader of UKIP, Brexit Party and UKIP said that he was giving thought to a possible comeback. 

According to him, his instincts are clearly against doing it because “taking on British Establishment political politics… is very, very difficult to do”. 

However, he stated that the crisis of migrant crossers ‘is one of national safety’ and could lead to his return.

Farage said that he was also approached by several high-ranking donor in recent weeks, asking him “if I’m considering returning to the political arena”. 

He made his comments after Boris Johnson, a senior Tory leader warned that failing to deal with the crossings could lead to the rise of an UKIP-style party. This could potentially cost Boris Johnson the Conservative majority in a general election.

Nigel Farage today confirmed he is considering a return to frontline British politics as he accused the Government of failing to 'get a grip' of migrant Channel crossings

Nigel Farage, who accused the Government for failing to “get a grasp” of migrants crossing into Channel One today, confirmed that he was considering returning to British frontline politics.

Senior Tories have warned Boris Johnson a failure to tackle the crossings could fuel the rise of a new UKIP-style political party which could cost the Conservatives their majority at a general election

Boris Johnson has been warned by Senior Conservatives that failures to deal with the crossings could encourage the growth of UKIP-style parties, which could endanger their majority in a general election.

In March, Farage made a vow to retire from politics after three decades in campaigning that saw him leading UKIP many times. He founded the Brexit Party before he was later rebranded Reform UK.  

The Telegraph initially reported that Farage considered a return to politics. 

According to the Brexiteer, ‘Over the last few weeks, I have been approached by several high-ranking donors asking me if I am considering getting back into the political arena. 

‘My gut instinct is not to do so, but I will have to give it some serious thought.’

MailOnline later received a reply from Mr Farage ‘My gut instinct is clearly not to do it. It was a long process that I had to go through, and it is very difficult to take on British Establishment politics.

‘Although, I think the crisis we are facing is one of national security and I think the situation is likely to deteriorate massively unless something is done.’

Record numbers of immigrants have made the dangerous crossing of the English Channel in record numbers this year.  

Last Tuesday, more than 1,000 migrants arrived in Britain. The total number for this year is now over 24,000 It is nearly triple the total number of migrants who arrived in Britain in 2020.

Mr Farage tweeted this afternoon: ‘The Conservative Party must get a grip on immigration.’

Tory MPs have told Mr Johnson that voters ‘won’t forgive’ the Conservative Party if it fails to crackdown on the surge in crossings. 

A group of people thought to be migrants are brought in to Dover, Kent, on board the Dover lifeboat, following a small boat incident in the Channel on November 20

After a minor boat accident in Channel 20 November, a group of migrants is brought to Dover (Kent) on the Dover Lifeboat.

They have warned that the issue is ‘very much on people’s lips because it just looks like state failure’. 

The Sunday Telegraph was told by a Tory donor that ministers need to do more as the matter is “going to destroy us” and will lead to a Farage-style party.

They told MrJohnson that shifting to the political centre ground would ‘open up an area’ on the PM’s right flank and leave space for another party, which could result in the Tories losing a majority in future elections. 

A poll conducted for the newspaper also found that 77% of Tory voters think the government’s approach towards migrant crossings has been too soft. This figure was 55% for all people.