Nigella Lawson “had to have her famous curves photoshopped for her Good Housekeeping Cover to be more family-friendly’

Nigella Lawson’s famous curves were reportedly altered by her editor when she was featured on Good Housekeeping cover last year. The photo needed to be more family friendly. 

The TV Chef, at 61, isn’t known if he was aware that the edit team had to alter the Emelia Wickstead gown so that it did not show as much of her cleavage. 

This festive shot features her wearing a gorgeous red gown that skims the hips. 

Doctored: Nigella Lawson, 61, reportedly had to have her famous curves edited when she posed on the cover of Good Housekeeping last year to keep the photo more 'family friendly'

Droned: Nigella lawson (61), reportedly needed to edit her famed curves when she appeared on Good Housekeeping’s cover last year. This was to make the image more family-friendly. 

The Sun was told by a source that Emelia Wickstead had been chosen for Nigella’s styling. Unfortunately, the Emelia Wickstead gown looked too puffy and billowy. 

She continued: ‘Her chest appeared out of proportion, and a bit X Rated for high-end family magazines. They called the digital team to change the dress. 

MailOnline reached out to Nigella’s representatives in order for more information.  

Revealing: A source told The Sun : 'The stylist had chosen an Emelia Wickstead dress for her but unfortunately it was quite a puffy, billowy number which made Nigella look rather too booby'; pictured 2008

Revealing. Source tells The Sun: “The stylist chose an Emelia Wickstead gown for Nigella, but unfortunately it was quite puffy and bulky which made her look rather too booby.” – pictured 2008

After Nigella remembered the horrifying moment MI5 entered her home, after mistakingly fearing that Salman Rushdie had been assassinated.   

She spoke out about the strange story in an interview with The Sun. It involved her inviting her longtime friend Salman (74), to dinner, only for intelligence officers and to imagine what would happen if her oven burst.

Salman spent over a decade hiding from the world after The Satanic Verses in 1988, his ‘blasphemous” novel led to a Muslim leader placing a cost on him.   

Edited: It is not known whether the TV chef was made aware of the changes which saw the editing team allegedly have to doctor the look of the Emelia Wickstead dress so it didn't show as much cleavage; pictured 2020


She said: ‘I’ve known Salman Rushdie since I was 23, and when he had to go into hiding because he had the Fatwa, he came to have dinner with me when I lived in a very little flat. 

The guards of ‘Special Branch had to send him away and he was forced to wait in my bedroom. I got a little bit of trouble with my oven while cooking and ended up looking like Lucille Balm.  

“I was black with cheeks, and Special Branch clearly believed there had been an assassination attempt against him at my home.” They then all stormed into my kitchen and made the most of it. 

Inappropriate: They went on: 'Her chest looked out of proportion large and a little X Rated for a high-end family magazine. The digital team were called in to alter the dress'

Inappropriate. They continued, “Her chest was out of proportion” and “X Rated” for a family magazine. To alter the dress, digital staff were called.