Nigella’s Christmas Feast: Christmas in glass

This is just what it says: the smell of the gingerbread syrup as the prosecco’s fizz spritzes it through the air is almost parodically festive. I use the French syrup (Monin’s Pain d’Epices) that bartenders have decorating their shelves and I get it online (£7.74,, a useful source of drinks and syrups), but now there’s a coffee shop at pretty well every corner, it’s easy to buy the gingerbread syrup they use at this time of year to douse their lattes.

4 parts chilled Prosecco or another fizzy dry white wine

1 part gingerbread-flavoured syrup

  • Place the prosecco in the glasses.
  • Add the fragrance syrup.  

Five glasses should be produced from a 75cl prosecco bottle.