To evade Scotland’s vaccine passport rules, Scottish nightclubs use FURNITURE to cover their dance floors.

  • Lulu now advertises that they won’t ask revellers for their papers to enter the club. 
  • The Edinburgh venue posted on Instagram how normal service had been resumed
  • Loophole in law is only for venues that have dance floors classified as nightclubs

Scottish nightclubs are putting furniture on dance floors to evade the SNP’s controversial vaccine passport rules – as critics brand the scheme a ‘shambolic mess’.

Lulu Edinburgh now claims it won’t ask revellers for their papers after experiencing a decline in custom. Instagram claimed that the normal service was resumed. [a]Party with us by obtaining a vaccination passport

It is open till 3 AM and describes itself as Edinburgh’s top nightclub. The law does not allow for nightclubs to be established in spaces that are ‘provided by customers for dancing’. This leaves room for venues who cover existing dance floors with seating.

Lulu in Edinburgh is now advertising that it will not ask revellers to show their papers to get in after suffering a collapse in custom

Lulu Edinburgh claims that they won’t ask revellers for their papers after a collapse of customs. 

On Instagram the venue boasted 'normal service' had resumed, adding: 'You don't need [a] vaccine passport to party with us'

Instagram claimed that the normal service was resumed and added: “You don’t need.” [a]To party with us, you will need a vaccine passport

Sources within the industry told The Telegraph that nightclubs all over Scotland are copying the trend.

Murdo Fraser of the Scottish Conservative spokesman on Covid recovery said that Nicola Sturgeon’s SNP government must be ’embarrassed for supervising a scheme like this’.

He stated, “The vaccine passports guidance has been so shambolic, that places that clearly aren’t nightclubs have been billed as such. Even places that appear to be nightclubs use loopholes to say they’re not.”

Nightclubs claim that footfall has fallen since the October 18th scheme’s inception.

Around 180,000 (18-29-year-olds) have declined vaccines. This is more than a fifth.

If they’ve been fully vaccinated, the revellers will need to show their NHS Scotland Covid Statut app or an NHS Paper Record.

The scheme is similar in Wales to the one in England.

Murdo Fraser, the Scottish Conservative spokesman for Covid recovery, said Nicola Sturgeon's (pictured) SNP government should be 'embarrassed' for overseeing 'such a mess of a scheme'

Murdo Fraser of the Scottish Conservative spokesman on Covid recovery said that Nicola Sturgeon (pictured) SNP government must be ’embarrassed for supervising a scheme like this’

Innes Bolt (its Managing Director) explained why Lulu decided to abandon the scheme. She said: “We experienced a substantial decline in footfall which resulted in a crash of our sales, so Lulu was operating at a loss.

“To ensure the safety of our employees, promoters, and our business, we have taken down the designated dance floor. We’ve rearranged our space. Instead we created a new area with additional seating and relocated our DJ Booth.

“This will enable us to keep a safe environment all the time.

Yesterday saw thousands of rugby enthusiasts flock to Murrayfield to get their vaccination passports so they could watch Australia take on Scotland in the Autumn Nations Series.

The Edinburgh stadium staff checked the fans and asked them to show evidence that they were double-jabbed.

As they filled the venue with 67,000 people, fans seemed to be happy to help. After Scotland’s victory, they were happier in full-time.

Lulu said it had experienced a 'significant' decline in footfall since the controversial measure had been introduced

Lulu claimed that it has seen a significant decline in footfall ever since controversial measures were introduced 

The match was called off after Professor Allyson Pollock, a health expert, attacked the vaccination passport program, saying it was discriminatory and violated human rights.

After reading an article in The Lancet, a Newcastle University clinical professor of health and public health spoke out about the possibility that double jabs could transmit the virus to people.

The Scottish Government should be scrapping the passports. She argues that they are ‘not in the public’s best interest and that vaccination status doesn’t tell us anything about your infectiousness or transmission at the moment.

According to the Scottish Government, this scheme “allows high-risk situations to continue operating as an option to closure or restrictive measures and increases vaccination uptake”.