NINJA attack and injures 2 French Policewomen using a katana blade, before they are shot and wounded.

  • An attacker dressed up as a ninja attacked two female police officers using a sword.
  • After crashing his stolen car at Cherbourg’s service station, he attacked officers
  • After giving chase, the two female officers ran off and were struck in the heads by the sword.
  • Third officer fired at close to point blank range and shot the ninja.
  • The attacker was injured in his stomach. He has since been taken to the hospital.
  • According to a police spokesperson, there were no signs that there is a terrorist motive immediately.  

A man dressed as a ninja has attacked two female police officers with a katana sword in northwestern France after crashing a stolen car during a police pursuit. 

A ninja crashed the Citroen C3 stolen into Tourlaville, on the outskirts Cherbourg. The suspect reportedly jumped out of the vehicle brandishing a knife and descended onto the female police officers, who gave chase.

Two officers suffered head injuries from the bladewielding manic before being shot by another officer, who opened fire from inside their police cars at close to point blank range.

Three shots were fired by the officer, striking the ninja in his abdomen. He was then pinned and rendered unconscious. 

After the incident, the ninja and two female officers were taken to hospital. 

According to a police spokesperson, there are no signs the attacker had terrorist motivations.