A Christmas celebration for small children has been cancelled because of unforeseen circumstances. Families vented fury.   

Thoresby Park’s North Pole Experience was scheduled to take place from November 13th to 23rd, but was postponed due to weather problems and suppliers. 

But organisers of the ‘magical’ experience, who charged visitors £31.99 a ticket, have now confirmed the event has been axed – leaving families fearing they may be left hundreds of pounds out of pocket. 

Nursery teacher Sarah Mann, 48, who said she paid £200 for four tickets for December 19, said organisers had ‘let so many children down’.

Families have expressed their anger after the North Pole Experience at Thoresby Park, in Nottinghamshire, was cancelled by organisers. Pictured: A Christmas tent put up by organisers at the park

The North Pole Experience at Thoresby Park in Nottinghamshire was cancelled after families protested. Pictured is a Christmas tent that was set up at the park by organizers.

The North Pole Experience was due to be held from November 13 to December 23 but was initially delayed due to a plague of issues. Pictured: The ground on November 30

Although the North Pole Experience was originally scheduled to take place from November 13 through December 23, it was delayed by a series of problems. Pictured: On November 30th, the ground

According to her, she told BBC that she had promised the children that they would have something magical to look forward too.

“They ought to be ashamed. They’ve let so much down their children. It’s also a large sum of money that can be used by so many families.

“It was the nightmare that preceded Christmas.”

Elsewhere, Katie Wass, from Creswell, Derbyshire, who spent just over £200 for her, her husband and her two children to go to the event, said she was given news of the cancellation via Thoresby Park estate.

Derbyshire Live was told by her that she was experiencing some inclines after hearing that the valve had stopped opening when it should. There were rumblings that something was wrong on Facebook, but this was just hearsay.

“The bad weather caused the hotel to close again. The company then sent an email saying that there had been delays. I was expecting everything to be ready by December 18. However, Thoresby’s statement came through.

The North Pole Experience organizers released the following statement: “It is with deepest sorrow and sadness that I have to send this message… to you, our valued clients that unfortunately due to unforeseeable circumstances, The North Pole Experience at Thoresby Park was cancelled.

“Our entire team has worked hard over the last 12 months to make this a memorable season for our families. 

“With each obstacle presented to our team, we have overcome them all but now we find ourselves in an unfortunate position which unfortunately will lead us into the current situation.” All of us sincerely regret this.

“Unfortunately, at this time we cannot provide further information.”

Tickets holders were told by the organizers to reach them directly by email.

They have also been told a further email will be sent within the next seven working days in regards to an update about the refund schedule. 

MailOnline reached out to The North Pole Experience organisers for comments.

Organisers said a further email will be sent within the next seven working days in regards to an update about refunds

The organizers stated that a second email regarding an update on refunds will be sent to the participants within seven days.

Gregor Matheson Pierrepont, director of the estate management company at Thoresby Park, said: ‘Thoresby Estate has a long and successful record of enabling external partners to host events here in North Nottinghamshire including Gloworm Music Festival, Dino Kingdom, the Stone Valley Music Festival and Winterfest which was held on Sunday. 

“We were approached in January by The North Pole Experience Ltd, who wanted a place to host their winter festival. 

They were competent and able to give references. This was a great way to end the year. 

“Unfortunately, it hasn’t come to pass. The North Pole Experience has failed to open even though they have completed their installation half the way. This disappointment is as disappointing as any other. 

The estate believes that the cause is not malice. However, it is still the case. North Pole Experience has failed to fulfill their obligations to us, and the public. 

We encourage all members of the public, to contact The North Pole Experience Ltd. for redress.

“As such, we have instructed our legal advisors. We will not be able to make any further statements. Although the Estate is not responsible for this incident, we apologize for any disappointment.

Last week Thoresby Park said they were seeking legal advice after he ‘North Pole Experience’ failed to meet their obligations to the public’ – with the festive ground only ‘half-completed’.

Just before Thoresby Estate announced it would take legal action against the estate, Thoresby Estate’s events manager described how genuine Thoresby Estate appeared to be.

Rod Nipper is the events manager for Thoresby Park. He said that while it was a shame about the original proposal, but you must trust.

“They are a proven track record of putting on theatre productions. They passed all the Companies House checks and other requirements. It all appeared kosher.”