North Korean officials are demanding handwriting samples from thousands of residents in Pyongyang after graffiti appeared calling King Jong Un a ‘son of a b****.’

The message, ‘Kim Jong Un, you son of a b****. According to Daily NK, the message “The people are starving because of you,” appeared on the walls at an apartment in Pyongchon on December 22nd.

The attack scrawl was made amid severe food insecurity, which has been made worse by recent floods and the closing of China’s northern border because of the Covid pandemic.

As high-ranking Workers’ Party leaders met in Seoul, the graffiti became apparent.

The perpetrator was quickly removed from the wall by the local authorities. Police are currently trying to find him.

Officers went door-to-door and questioned residents and business owners about the messages.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attending the 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers' Party of Korea at the Party Central Committee Headquarters in Pyongyang on New Year's Day

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attends the 8th Central Committee Meeting of Workers’ Party Korea’s 4th Plenary Meeting at Party Central Committee Headquarters, Pyongyang.

Seoul-based News Site Daily NK was informed about the scandal by a group of citizen journalists in North Korea and China, which provides it with information on the closeted state.

According to the report, police are most likely to use the many thousands of CCTV cameras Kim installed in the city.

Criticizing Kim and the regime is forbidden. Those who oppose his rule are likely to be sentenced in notorious labour camps. Rebels may even be executed in some cases.

Protests against Kim have been rare in Pyongyang’s capital, and are almost non-existent there. Only the elite can live here.

In March 2018, a colonel who had been writing slogans for the April 24 House of Culture, Pyongyang was executed. April 24th is the Day of the Sun. This day marks the birth of Kim Il-sung (the founder of North Korea), who was also Kim Il-sung’s grandfather.

Residents of capital are suffering from food shortages that have now become so serious they threaten their lives.

Kim even appears slimmer in photos recently, though many believe this may be due to her health.

The North Korean government has blamed external factors for their food shortages though, citing sanctions imposed on them, natural disasters and the global coronavirus pandemic. Pictured: North Korean farmers harvesting rice on October 19, 2021

However, the North Korean government blames external causes for food insecurity, including sanctions, natural disasters, and the pandemic of coronavirus. Photo: North Korean rice farmers picking their harvest on October 19, 2021

Kim has acknowledged a 'tense' food situation that could worsen if all of the crops fail, exacerbating economic problems amid strict self-imposed border and movement restrictions that have slowed trade to a trickle. Pictured: File image of men plowing a field in North Korea in July 2017

Kim acknowledged that there is a “tense” food situation. This could lead to more economic difficulties. There are also strict movement and border restrictions which have slowened trade. Picture: A file image showing men plowing North Korea’s July 2017 field.

Toshimitsu, who is a Professor at Tokyo’s Waseda University, and has written a variety of books about the Kim Dynasty, said to The Telegraph that “To see a message like this on Pyongyang’s wall will have been shocking to both the authorities as well as ordinary citizens.

According to the officials, it is likely that people living there will remain loyal as their lives are more comfortable than elsewhere. Therefore authorities are concerned that elite citizens are not happy. Though I believe that most people saw the graffiti would agree, they might not have said it loudly because they were too afraid to.

Due to food scarcity in the country, the poor have turned to the kidnapping of children by the wealthy. Meanwhile, the government has advised people to eat “delicious” black swan flesh.

There were four kidnappings of children in September. This was despite a shortage of fuel, food, medicine and fuel.

After China closed the border in January 2020 to prevent pandemics, North Korea has experienced a serious supply problem. North Korea relies heavily on its Communist neighbour because sanctions prevent it from trading publicly with other nations.

Kim Jong-Un (C) visiting the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun on New Year's Day in Pyongyang, North Korea

Kim Jong Un (C), visiting the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun in Pyongyang on New Year’s Day, North Korea

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (UNFAO) estimates that North Korea lacks 860,000 tonnes worth of produce in the current year. That’s approximately 2.3 months food supply for 26 million people.

While Covid is not officially documented in this country, experts think it is possible due to Covid smuggling across the porous Chinese border. Kim even suggested that his country might be suffering from infections.

In June, Kim sacked senior officials over what he called a ‘crucial’ lapse that had caused a ‘great crisis with grave consequences.’ 

North Korean dictator, Kim Il Sung, recalled the Politburo in the country and made a scathing attack on high-ranking Communist officials. It indicated that Covid defences of the country had been compromised. 

Official Korean Central News Agency didn’t elaborate on the meaning of the dictator and there is no information about how many high ranking officials were fired or what their fate was.