After Rod Liddle invited him to speak at a dinner party, Durham Students Union demanded that Rod Liddle resign.

The five officers penned a rambling statement in a bid to oust South College principal Professor Tim Luckhurst.

Seun Twins, Jack Ballingham, Jonah Graham, Declan Merrington and Charlie Procter claimed hosting one of the UK’s best known writers was an ‘abuse of power’.

This footage comes just as Dorothy and Dorothy were filmed talking to students who ran off from the speech.

The men seemed to be taking Mr Liddle to task for their poor treatment. They hurled vile abuses at him as they left.

The couple tried to explain the importance of free speech on campuses after the youngsters claimed they were ‘frightened’ of the national journalist’s jokes.

Meanwhile the institution launched an investigation into the leading academic and barred him from duties.

He had branded the walk out ‘pathetic’ before emailing them to apologise after a mob of students sent a barrage of emails to vice-chancellor Antony Long.

Professor Luckhurst has been told that he isn’t allowed to talk to anyone regarding the event. He also did not give a campus speech last night.

The five officers penned a rambling statement in a bid to oust South College principal Professor Tim Luckhurst (pictured)

Five officers made a long statement to try and oust South College’s principal, Professor Tim Luckhurst.

Seun Twins, Jack Ballingham, Jonah Graham, Declan Merrington and Charlie Procter claimed hosting one of the UK's best known writers (pictured) was an 'abuse of power'

Declan Merrington, Jonah Graham and Charlie Procter all claimed that hosting Jonah Graham (pictured), one of Britain’s most well-known writers was an “abuse” of power.

Durham SU made a move to expel Professor Luckhurst last night. It did so in a rambling declaration about an ‘abuse and manipulation of power’ as well as a ‘calculated behavior’.

The claim was that the Principal of South College had insulted, humiliated student members.

“Tim Luckhurst was the ex-editor of a national newspaper and knew what he did when he stole a Christmas party. He then allowed his friend to spew vile propaganda that he believed would lead to division.

His shameful attempts to justify this pantomime as if it were for the students’ educational benefit is disgraceful.

“He has failed his duty to care for South College students as well as as being a leader of our University community.

Today’s footage shows the ex-editor of the national newspaper and his wife speaking to students at the Friday evening event.

His calm demeanour was apparent as he tried to help them to understand why universities were supposed to protect free speech.

Before Mrs Luckhurst intervened, his audience stood wide-mouthed.

Then she asked, “What do you fear of?” One student chuckled and replied, “What’s your meaning?”

The rest of their exchange was  inaudible but Mrs Luckhurst went on to repeat the word ‘a***’ before another asked: ‘Don’t we all have one.’

She tweeted later that night: ‘Bunch of inadequates thought it was clever to walk out on a speech tonight because they were afraid of what the speaker said…’

She added: ‘Incidentally they thought it was ok to ask my husband to apologise for my comments…

“I know this is an old idea but I can speak on my own behalf. Maybe women’s equal rights are not something that the modern savvy generation is aware of.

Fresh footage emerged today of the former national newspaper editor and his wife (pictured) talking to students during the event on Friday night

New footage of former editor of national newspapers and his wife, (pictured), talking to students today during Friday’s event.

The Spectator’s associate editor, Mr Liddle began his speech by joking that he wasn’t disappointed to not see any sex workers.

This was in response to recent concerns about safety training that the university provided to students in the sex trade.

He stated that while science was being ignored by the Left, transgender issues were not the cause of Africa’s problems. The colonialism of Africa wasn’t the major problem and students from the Caribbean had no reason to be underachieving.

As Liddle walked out, the students booed Liddle for being ‘disgusting and racist’.

On Professor Luckhurst’s door that evening was a Stonewall poster reading “Some people are trans. It’s okay!

Durham Vice-chancellor, Mr Long received a letter from students claiming that Liddle had made “transphobic and sexist remarks” as well as racist, racist, and classist comments.

Over 1,000 students wrote an open letter expressing concern about their feelings of being ‘distressed,’ and feeling ’emotional,’ following his speech.

While the university’s student union stated that Professor Luckhurst’s position is ‘untenable,’ the University and College Union which represents lecturers said it was “appalled”.

After the speech, students shouted ‘disgusting’ and ‘racist’ at Liddle as he walked out of the venue. That evening, a Stonewall poster was stuck on the door of Professor Luckhurst’s office reading, ‘Some people are trans. Get over it!’ Pictured: Durham South College

Students hurled abuse at Liddle after the speech and then walked away from the auditorium. A Stonewall poster with the message, “Some people are trans” was placed on Professor Luckhurst’s door that evening. It’s okay! Pictured: Durham South College

Palatinate reports that Professor Luckhurst apologized to students after receiving backlash.

According to the email, students were allowed to ‘as much as my guest could make the speech’.

She added, “I responded to their decision with reminding them that South College is committed the defense of free speech.

“‘I called their walkout pathetic when they didn’t return to the seats. My anger was a reflection of my sincere dedication to freedom and speech.

“But, I made a mistake in describing the actions of students as pathetic. I am sorry for that.

Professor Luckhurst stated that his guest’s topic was tolerance. He talked about how important it is to listen to other perspectives. He attacked nobody.’

Liddle stated to the Daily Mail yesterday night that while he did not call the students pathetic, but he called it pathetic. I’m not racist, and I’m certainly not transphobic.

“I desire a world in which transgender people live with dignity, happiness and equality.” I detest racism.

He continued, “The main point was that I am sometimes wrong. And I know I am.”

“We need to be open-minded and tolerable of the views of others, as well as having doubts about our own beliefs.”

Durham University last night stated that it disagrees with statements made at an event by an outside speaker.

It said it is concerned at reports the behaviours exhibited at the occasion fall short of those that we expect’.

The spokesperson added that they were investigating the matter urgently and are currently looking into the facts.

The Mail tried to reach Professor Luckhurst.

Durham SU launched a bid to oust a leading academic after ‘woke” students stormed out from a speech, because they were frightened of the words of scribblers

Here’s the full statement

The Principal of South College insulted, humiliated, and abused the College’s student members. Tim Luckhurst, a former editor of a national paper, was aware exactly what he was doing. His friend allowed him to speak out about vile propaganda which he believed would create division. It is shameful that he tried to justify this act of pantomime while pretending it was for students’ education. As Principal of South College, he has not fulfilled his duties as well as as leader within our University community.

Your friend inviting students to their homes is an offense against their community. South students were celebrating Christmas with their friends when their principal compromised their happiness. He put his political agenda above theirs. The attempt to portray this as a pro-education strike is insulting to every Durham student and teacher. This is just hazing. Luckhurst knew that it would be a direct abuse of power and provoke anyone who didn’t want to succumb to his bullying. The students that exercised their right to free speech and left this horrible excuse for education are supported fully by the university. Thank you to all the academics from Durham and elsewhere who were able to call out this attempt at corroding their professional reputation.

It is dishonest for the Principal to attempt to explain his malicious behavior in the context of freedom speech. This disservices those fighting academic freedom threats around the world. We are challenging the Acting Vice Chancellor to explain how it is possible for a Principal, who took it upon himself, to disrupt a Christmas dinner party in order to exercise his “right” to ‘educate students more than their right of enjoying their dinner with their friends at home. South College deserves a full apology. This is not self-promotional Orwellian nonsense.

It is important to acknowledge that the wife of the principal was at times inappropriate or even antagonistic. Our guests are expected to show respect for our community. Respect is essential to learning. Colleges should not be seen as battlegrounds for children’s denigration.

This weekend we read extensively about the Principal and his ‘rights. He has been largely ignored in our discussions. Our community should not focus on his distractions, but on what standards we can expect from a Principal of College. We have witnessed this behavior in our own college. See the Friday Night videos. Check out the student testimony and statements from representatives of Colleges and SU Associations. These are not the characteristics we desire for our men to be able to educate, lead and support our students.

Durham’s dysfunctional culture is widespread. This is not an isolated instance, but the result of a failure to address unacceptable behaviours over a long period. The University’s recent efforts to address the historical problems have been welcomed. This incident has shown that culture and policy can be changed. It is an important test for us all. We will accept the way we lead a College like it is normal if we do.

Despite the positive aspects of South College’s work, Tim Luckhurst is in a position that makes Durham untenable. It is unacceptable for a Principal to call students pathetic and abuse them, then later attack them because they want to be secure in their own home. Our collegiate community is no longer at risk from the Principal of South College, who has become an intellectual and pastoral leader.

It is important to express our support for our values and our disgust at the response. We encourage students, staff and supporters to reach out to the Pro-Vice Chancellor (College & Student Experience), to voice their opinions. We are all aware that Friday’s events were unacceptable. Now we need to have a wider discussion about our expectations of leaders. This conversation should go beyond the misdeeds one man can commit.

It can be extremely easy to assist someone who is wrongly convinced of their “rights” in such situations. It is not possible for our community to allow someone who offends so many of our values to go through a slow or inefficient process and claim to be a victim. The University leadership can be trusted to do right, even though it won’t all be public and the result won’t come immediately. Although we are right to be mad at people who have violated the values of the community, we also understand the reasons why the institution makes cautious statements about these matters. They will be judged on how they respond and demonstrate Tim Luckhurst’s humanity.